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Why Chrome Consume So Much Memory?

Why Chrome Consume So Much Memory
Written by Waleed khan


Chrome is the most widely used search engine. Nearly 64 percent of the total world’s population uses google chrome for searching purposes. Especially if you are using an Apple product so you are probably using google chrome moreover we can’t deny the fact that it is a pretty good web browser.

What is Chrome?

Chrome is like the teacher these days. It teaches you everything. Like we google every problem; google this, google that. Our lives these days are working on GOOGLE, to be honest. Despite helping us in every way possible google chrome does have so many problems, for instance, it takes up a lion share in consuming RAM slowing your device. Just check your task manager and you will know that chrome uses more memory than it should use. BUT WHY!!!!.

Why Chrome Consume So Much Memory?

The reason behind chrome being a memory hog is; for e.g. you are a heavy multitasker. You play games, do research on your projects, and watch videos simultaneously. What chrome does is that it replicate the functionality of each tab and extension to perform its own function which ultimately results in chrome using more memory and space.

In short, this means if you use more tab you are replicating chrome functionality in every tab. But this replication has other benefits too. This replication process helps the other tabs in usage to keep working even if one tab crashes or stops working we can also interpret this as the crashing of one tab does not affect other tabs. Another reason that why Chrome uses so much memory is because of the feature called prerendering.

What Is Preprendering?

When you open a page online some information from the next tab is loaded and saved in the background, predicting that you will go there next, and if you do the site open really quickly because some of its information was already loaded. So by doing this chrome dumps this already loaded data into the memory making it use more memory. This is called prerendering. Prerendering is a technique that speeds-up your online searching.  But at least you don’t have to wait long for the site to open.

How to stop chrome using so much memory?

So let us now jump to the solutions to stop chrome using so much memory. There are various ways you can stop chrome from consuming so much memory and eventually speeding up your device.

By Deleting UnwantedTabs

We visit dozens of different tabs per day and each tab is affiliated with a different site so it makes the device slower so even if you are not using the browser it is not going to help you because they are saved in RAM. So what you can do is to delete the unnecessary tabs.  So close all the tab that you are not using because they are slowing down your device.

By Disarming The Extension


The browser requires more memory to use extensions. In case you don’t have any anti-virus installed in your device the browser may download any unknown extensions. So now let us see how to remove the extension.

  1.  Open you google chrome
  2.  Click on the upper left corner
  3.  Click on more tools
  4.  Click on extensions

By Shifting To The Latest Category :

The creators are always busy launching a new version of their search engine which contains bug fixes that helps in supporting the software. So if by any chance you are using an outdated version you should switch to the latest version to speed us your device processing.

You can easily update your google chrome. All you have to do is;

  1.  open google chrome on your device
  2. At the top right, click More.

Now you can close any unnecessary extension that you don’t want.

  • Click Update Google Chrome.
  • Important: If you can’t find this button, you’re on the latest version.
  • Click Relaunch.

4: BY Restarting Google Chrome:

Well, this is a short term solution for a long term problem. Restarting your chrome can also help you if you are unable to do anything else. It will end all the process that yours google chrome is undergoing and will help to regain its speed.

  1. Press and hold CTRLALTand DELETE key simultaneously (CTRL + ALT + DELETE)
  2. Select Task Manager
  3. Find Google Chrome from the task manager.
  4. Select Google Chrome
  5. Select End Task

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If you have done this, you will not face memory issues anymore. If you find our helpful share with others and also tell us in comments.



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