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Top 5 apps to see who views your Instagram profile

Who views my instagram profile
Written by Waleed khan

Are you wondering to see who views your Instagram profile? And looking for an Instagram expert? Relax dear. We spend our important time just to test these kinds of tricks to make everything easy for you. Most of the time people want to know who views your Instagram app, post and profile, etc.

This happened when you upload images, videos, and post about something daily. If you are using Instagram daily so maybe you have follows and fans who visit your profile and you would always want to know who visits. Today we will show you how to see who views my Instagram profile.


Instagram is an amazing picture and video sharing app that allows you to share your memories and Snaps. It was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010 for iOS and in 2012 for android.

Instagram has more than 700 Million active users around the world. After lots of updates, Instagram has now more features such as the Instagram stories and Instagram Highlights.

How to see who views your Instagram profile

Most of the time you are just waiting for someone to visit your profile and open some post. E.g. you post your photo and you want your crush to see it. But you don’t know how right? Because Instagram don’t show you that there are many apps and tricks for you but do you want to apply a difficult task? Or just want to try by simple tools.  

Be careful of those sites or people who offer these services for money because they are scammers they do it for free then ask you for money. These tools are free.

Most of the time when you open your Instagram profile. On the top of the page you will see 200 people visit your profile. But you want to know who they are.


Top Five Apps To see who views your Instagram profile

let’s start with the very first tool.

 Follower Analyzer for Instagram


                               When we talk about the apps with whom we can check who view our Instagram profile then you can’t ignore the Follower Analyzer for Instagram. Because of the more amazing features this app will let you know who views your Instagram posts as well as who views your Instagram profile.



                    Instaview is known as a mentor of these apps which is available for android and iOS. This app has lots of features related to Instagram but the most popular feature is that it will show you who views your Instagram Profile.  It will show you the last 200 people who visit your profile.



Follow Meter for Instagram


                                                        This is also one of the most popular apps which also gives you the correct result of who views your Instagram profile. It will show you how to see who likes your post and also tell you about follow and unfollow.




  If you are iOS user and you are wondering to find an app. guess what? InstaMutual is designed for iOS users. InstaMutual allows users to see who views your Instagram profile. Most of the iOS apps are not easy to manage but this is easy to use. It has amazing features that this app will give you each and every detail about who visits your profile on time.



Social plus app


                                                          Next on is Social plus app. Do you know why we add this app in our top 5? The only app which gives 100% accurate result is the Social plus app. You can easily download and install for your android phone as we as iOS. This will show you who views your Instagram profile.




  These are the top 5 apps with whom you can easily find out who views your Instagram profile. These apps have many more features as well with which you can access more information things. Instagram is the most popular app that’s why people want to learn lots of things about it. Use these apps and tell us about your experience and also share it with your friends.

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