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5 ways to check who has viewed my facebook profile

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Written by Waleed khan

This is one of the most common questions many people ask. Can we check who has viewed my facebook profile? Are many people interested to know who viewed my Facebook profile? Or you want to know who is visiting daily.

Let me tell you something. Maybe you just broke up with your girl/boy. And you are posting some sad posts or some memories which you want to show him/her to remind previous days. In this situation, every person wants to know whether she/he is checking my Facebook or not. But as you know, there is no option on Facebook to see who has viewed my facebook profile.

But you don’t need to worry because we are here to provide you every solution related to your problem. Grab a cup of tea and sit easily because you have found the best solution to your problem what you have to do is just read carefully.

Important Information about Facebook


In the word, there are 2.41 billion active users, and you can’t believe that there are 2.1 billion people who are using Facebook and 1.59 billion people logon to Facebook daily; otherwise combine 2.7 billion people using other social media platforms {Faceebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger}.

If we only talk about Europe, there are 307 million people who are using Facebook. In Pakistan, 35 million people are active users of social media, which is the22% of the population and 25 million people using Facebook, which is about 18% of the total population.

Think ! if  2.1 billion people are using Facebook, then how many people want to know how to see who visited my Facebook profile.


There are many free of cost sites that give many tools and tips to know about how to check who visited my Facebook profile, but you can’t trust them because these sites also grab your personal information. And lose the trust of people so now you are at the place where you should be comfortable for every nonsense.

There are many other ways to find who viewed my Facebook profile, but the standard way to discover is by using google chrome extension. So I know you are thinking about how to start.



There is a solution for every problem in the world, and the answer to this problem is that you can verify the source code of one’s Facebook timeline and locate some fifteen {15} digit code. This code will show you the ids of those people who are searching for your Facebook profile or view your Facebook profile directly.

Can You See It Through Facebook?

No, you can’t! The question arises here why you can’t see who is checking your Facebook profile? Because there is no excess available in the Facebook app. But there are some other solutions to find who viewed my Facebook profile. Maybe some hackers can also do this, but if you don’t know about hacking and a simple internet user, here are some solutions for you to solve your problem quickly.


There are many other ways to find who is visiting my Facebook profile, but the pervasive way to discover is by using google chrome extension. So I know you are thinking about how to start. Just follow the step, and don’t worry because it will work for you.

  • The very first thing to visit social profile extension page.
  • who-viewed-my-facebook-profile

  • Now click add to chrome to get this for your chrome.
  • This will start downloading, so wait for it.
  • Now click add Extension.
  • Now you have to log in to the Facebook account to know who is visiting your Facebook profile.
  • When you finally log in to your Facebook account. Then look at the timeline bar.
  • You will see an option there, “Visitor.”



  • The very first thing you have to do is to visit the Facebook profile.
  • Then visit your timeline page.
  • Be patient during the page loading.
  • When the page load completely, then right-click and click “View page sources.”
  • There a new tab will appear with some source codes.
  • And there, you will find the primary information on your profile.
  • Hold CTRL+F, and then the search box will open.
  • After this, you have to copy-paste into the “InitialChatFriendsList.”
  • who-viewed-my-facebook-profile
  • Then you will see the IDs of the people who had visited your Facebook profile.
  • Copy any one of them which you want to see.
  • Now go the and paste id here. For example, id is 4567. You will paste the id like that—{facebook .com/4567}.
  • The one who visits your profile multiple times will be on top.



So are you the user of iOS?. Relax! The other method is for the iOS users who are always interested to know about who viewed their Facebook profile. As I wrote above, there is still a solution to a problem. So if you are a user of iOS, then there are many apps to use. But I will tell you which app I had used or which is right for you. The name of the app is “SOCIAL FANS,” which is available in the app store. The solution to your problem is solved.


Over topic is about how to check who sees my Facebook profile. So many sites or applications assert that you can check it by the Facebook app, but the real answer to this question is “No.” You cannot see who is visiting your profile through the app. They use fake information to gain traffic. But here we show you the real solution to the problem which is not handled through the Facebook app. These are the solution which we had tested by ourself. So don’t believe anyone  quickly because most of the time they can’t do what they promise.

That’s it.

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