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What is ‘Waasmedic Agent Exe’? How to Fix its High CPU usage?

What is ‘Waasmedic Agent Exe’? How to Fix its High CPU usage?
Written by Waleed khan

Windows 10 has introduced a new service called Windows Update Medic (WaasMedicSVC.exe). This service fixes Windows Update components from malfunctioning, so that PCs can continue receiving updates. Windows/System32 contains SIHClient.exe, WaaSMedic.exe, WaaSMedicSvc.dll, and WaaSMedicPS.dll documents related to the program. Currently, this guide will aid you in resolving any issues with WaasMedic.exe that are resulting in your Windows 10 PC boasting high CPU or disk utilization.

Anyway, is this virus an unsafe system? If it were an infection, would you be able to remove the Waasmedic Agent Exe virus? Let us be sure to examine all that and potential solutions to the issue of use of high-level plates in systems.

Does it cause harm?

A few outsider programming applications might recognize ‘waasmedic specialist exe’ as a danger or virus. Nonetheless, there’s an even shot at this being a mistake of judgment. Malware makers can involve this for their potential benefit in two ways:

Malware makers can foster some outsider antivirus and program it such that it’ll pass judgment on WaasMedicAgent.exe as a virus. Along these lines, when a client will incapacitate this executable document, it’ll permit them to take advantage of the security defects of the client’s system.

Or on the other hand,

That executable document can be malware. Since frequently malware makers utilize executable documents to infuse malware into a system.

Consequently, never utilize any obscure outsider antivirus. All things being equal, depend on the famous ones. In any case, assuming well known ones additionally mark that executable record as a danger or infection, you ought to affirm that executable document’s possession. 

Using File Explorer to confirm Microsoft’s ownership

This strategy will follow the way from the File Explorer and it’s best for individuals who don’t have waasmedicagent.exe running behind the scenes right now.

1 Open ‘This PC’ (accepting that you’re utilizing Windows-10 since it’s a Windows-10 based issue).

2 Then, reorder the following way in the location bar of File Explorer and press Enter to explore the location.

3 Now when you’ve arrived at the System32 organizer, press “F3” to look for “WaaSMedicAgent.exe” record

4 When you’ve tracked down the document, press Alt + Enter to enter its Properties and move to its Details tab to actually take a look at its proprietorship.

Is there a way to fix the high resource consumption?

It has been reported before that individuals often experience “max. System resource use mistake” with this executable record. Along these lines, they need to uninstall this executable record. In any case, being a windows part, you can’t uninstall this record. When all is said and done, running behind the scenes does cripple a wasmedic specialist. Along these lines, you can continue to deal with your assignments.

You ought to likewise realize that regardless of whether you cripple Windows Update administrations, Windows will attempt to re-empower them eventually on schedule. At any rate, we should get to the arrangements.

Use of CPU or disk by Wasmedic Agent Exe in Windows 11/10

We can use the following methods to determine Waasmedic Agent Exe high CPU usage problems:

1 Run System File Checker

2 Run DISM to fix Windows Update parts

3 Stop Windows Updates for a couple of days

4 Incapacitate WaasMedic.exe for a brief time

5 Reset Windows PC.

It is essential that we examine the fixes in depth and use them.

1] Run System File Checker

System record checker verifies that no documents on your framework are ruined or missing. On the off chance that any such case has occurred and it brought about WaasMedic.exe High CPU or Disk Usage, it will assist with fixing it. Have a go at running SFC and check whether it makes a difference.

2] Run DISM to fix Windows Update parts

On Windows, in addition to SFC, DISM is another important component that can assist in fixing the issues. Whatever the issues your system has with its unique records, running DISM to fix tinted Windows Update system documents will help. Since WaasMedic.exe works for Windows Updates, DISM has many possibilities of fixing it.

3] Pause Windows Updates for a couple of days

WasMedic.exe is responsible for maintaining a smooth and consistent update process for Windows and its components. As you are encountering high CPU utilization of WaasMedic.exe, it is smarter to stop the updates for Windows for a couple of days. This way you can fix the WaasMedic.exe issue.

4] Disable WaasMedic.exe for a brief time

Make sure you review your library settings before you proceed. While we don’t suggest this helpful system Service, in the event that nothing unless there are other options fixes worked for you, you ought to cripple WaasMedic.exe for a brief time. It will stop the cycles connected with WaasMedic.exe and improve your PC.

5] Reset Windows PC

At this point, WaasMedic.exe’s high CPU usage would have been resolved if the above techniques were used. If not, you would need to reset your PC to return to the first structure. None of the information you save money on your PC will be lost. 

Step by step instructions to Disable WaasMedicAgent.exe

On the off chance that nothing from what was just mentioned strategies worked, we can endeavor to physically handicap the assistance and roll out certain improvements in the library so it doesn’t produce once more.

1 Open the Services via looking through it from the beginning menu.

2 Now search for the Windows Update Medic Service and double tap on it to open its Properties.

3 In the new windows, change the Startup type to Disable and afterward hit Apply/OK.

4 But when you click Apply/OK you’ll get the Access denied blunder.

As waasmedicagent.exe is a windows part, you can’t impair this part straight by going to the Services. To gain admittance, you really want to change some library esteems.

Presently, there are two different ways of changing the vault esteems: You can either utilize an outsider apparatus named “Windows Update Blocker” or utilize the “worked in Registry Editor.” Since we don’t think about obscure outsider programming applications safely, in this way we will examine the inherent strategy. Thus, we should proceed with the interaction further.

5 Press Windows + R to open the Run discourse box and type “regedit” for opening the Registry Editor.

6 Now, glue the accompanying way later “PC/” in the location bar to enter the envelope of waasmedic specialist exe:

7 In the WaasMedicSvc vault proofreader organizer, track down Start and double tap to open its choices.

8 Now change its Value Data from “3” to “4”. Then, at that point, click OK to affirm your progressions and reboot your system.

9 After a system restart, again go to the “Administrations” (or services.msc) and search for “Windows Update Medic Service” which is impaired at this point.

10 To re-empower, you can again change the Value Data of “Start” in the Registry Editor envelope of WaaSMedicSvc to “3” (for a Manual Startup). Assuming you actually face any mistakes, type “2” rather than 3.

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