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What is Reddit Karma and how to get Karma on Reddit?

What is Reddit Karma and how to get Karma on Reddit_
Written by Waleed khan

Are you looking for functioning in Reddit Karma to get advantage and support from it by utilizing it? Then, it would be great if you look at this article.

Karma is an inside instrument of Reddit to cope with spam and both activity on the page. Though your Karma number doesn’t have a value outside of Reddit, increasing the number of Karma, you have made your appearance more dependable, and it only shows that you are active on the site.

Naturally, it ultimately determines what is Reddit Karma and how to get Karma on Reddit? So, Reddit introduced Karma as an easy way to combat spam and both activity. You can outlook like a reputation system or a measure of your influence and involvement in the broader Reddit community. The more upper and more excellent your Karma, the higher your reputation, the more sovereignty will you are allowed on the platform.



what is reddit

Reddit is simply a message boarding platform wherein users submit links. What differentiates it from a today information network like Twitter is that the community organizes the type of content. Items of value are “upvoted,” and those reasoned unworthy are “downvoted.” This determines the position on the site, and hundreds of thousands of people appreciate items that hit the front page


Reddit computes Karma using an algorithm system, which is only understood by Reddit about how it works. To stay informed on current trends, Reddit upgrades their system regularly. You can quickly get to see a high number of upvotes on one of your posts; for instance, it doesn’t display how much Karma score you have on your profile. But rest secure, that on Reddit’s system, it is calculated and recorded entirely. The reason behind why Reddit does this is to control spammers and those who manipulate their votes on the platform.

You can get more Karma if you give it to a thread with some relevant posts. You can watch out also new questions or posts. If you are luckier to get to be the first to comment and provide a proper and relevant answer, you can earn a ton of Karma out of this. If you post something on Reddit, also you can manage to facilitate an engaging discussion and an educated argument with those who are commenting on your post. Always be courteous and respectful, having a dispute at Reddit won’t help in increasing your Karma points. Try posting thought-provoking topics and stories, which is your original content. It should be well-researched. Remember, always avoid violating Reddit’s terms of use if you intend to have high Karma points.



Reddit introduces it, and it is a type of voting system to enable users to upvote posts and comments that are relevant and useful and downvote those who are not. Also, this is to show users the best possible streams on every search result. Reddit Karma is like a badge of honour. It’s like a standing system to measure your influence on the Reddit community.

On top of the sidebar, you can see your total Reddit Karma and your profile page. The public can see the number of Karma you have if they check out your profile.


They’re internet points. Reddit calls the collection of upvotes and downvotes in which a user receives Karma. You get +1 karma automatically for posting something relevant. If you have -1 karma, it means two people just downvoted your post or comment.


You can obtain different types of Karma from the following types of posts.

Post Karma – by Posting an external link or creating a text-only post and then receiving upvotes will award you “post” Karma.

Comment Karma – After posting a comment on an actual post. Or you can link and receive upvotes will result in “comment” Karma.

Comment on new posts – One of the convenient ways to give your comments visible to the public is to try to leave a thought-provoking remark or image on other users’ existing posts.

This method is less likely to earn your massive amounts of Karma all at once, but it will give to build up your karma score over time while concurrently establishing you as a devoted user.


If you have high Karma points, some exclusive communities only permit users to comment or join in the argument for a minimum number of Karma the user has. You get to have an unlimited post, and just because you have built up your reliability, in return, there would be a more significant public on your posts and potential upvotes.




Gold costs $3.99 a month or $29.99 a year, and it can be given to other Reddit followers as a reward for good posting or just because you like them. So, Reddit Gold is a premium membership to Reddit.  You could probably give it to an enemy as well if you were looking to puzzle them.

The giving of gold is a long-running practice in the Reddit community as a way of saying “good job” when someone provides a particularly perceptive comment or funny post. Reddit Gold is a great equalizer, given in threads no matter whether the subject matter is terrible, touching, or frantic. The only thing that matters when being given Gold is the quality of your posting and commenting on it.


Reddit Gold unlocks a crowd of new features for users, although some of these same features can be made active for free by looking at the unofficial Reddit Enhancement Suite. Of course, then you wouldn’t be supporting Reddit.



There are two types of flairs.

  1. User flairs.
  2. Post flairs.

User flair is carefully chosen by the user to appear next to their name. Some subreddits permits users to enter the text as their flair. Some have symbols, some combine the two, and some just don’t have any at all. Flairs are mostly used to give a brief summary of yourself or what you like.

Post flairs work as tags for posts. Usually, subreddits don’t allow users to edit post flairs, and some even consume filters that would enable users to embrace or exclude posts with individual flairs.



If you have a picture on your computer. After uploading it to someplace public online and then submit the link to Reddit. You cannot provide an image directly of it only exists on your computer.

  1. Go to imgur.html.
  2. Upload your picture there.
  3. Copy the Direct Link URL.
  4. After copying, create a new post on Reddit.
  5. Type title and paste Direct Link URL of the picture from Imgur in the URL box.

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