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What is Alljoyn service and how to disable it?

waht is Alljoyn service ?
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Alljoyn Router service is the thing that is built-in Windows operating systems. These are the program that all the windows come along with these services and programs. Alljoyn service is the piece a source, and it is a sort of communication bridge for windows Ten operating systems and the internet of things.

waht is Alljoyn service ?

waht is Alljoyn service ?

My computer is also being very slower and slower with time. Has been freezing and stuttering during use, and from the last two weekends, I decided that it is enough. I just sat down and start my computer and started to erase all of the problems.

I turned off all tasks and looking for different ways to boost and speed up my computer. After I have seen several tutorials and made changes to about a dozen things and settings. Then I decided to go over all of my services. While searching through the services, I noticed one that I was not familiar with, The alljoyn router service.

At the start, I thought it might be some of the viruses that were slowing my computer down, and I did much research on my computer. After a good bit of reading and researching all over the computer then I found out about all these services.

After all, I was happy that these are all not dangerous and harmful for windows ten operating systems. After all, I don’t need it running while my computer is on. Then I turned this service off.

Suppose you are looking for ways to improve your computer performance. It is important to learn about all these services and what things you can turn off to boost up your computer. Below I will explain What Alljoyn service is. And why you might not need it to keep it turn on.

What is the Windows Service?

One of the best things that you also need to know if you want to also make your computer run as fast effectively as possible is what windows services are and their purposes actually?

These are basically programs that run in the background while you were using the computer. They run on a computer without showing any indication that something is running in the background.

Many like dozens of different services are available in your windows ten operating system, and so many others are added to your computer while you download extra things or software on the computer.

These services are also running in the background of the computer. Now you know how the services work in the background. It is the time now to focus on one service in particular. the Alljoyn service. Only a few people know about these services, and we came up with answers with some research.

Should you leave the Alljoyn service running?

Now you might know what the Alljoyn router is and what purpose is got; you can decide whether you want to leave it running on your system or windows 10. If you have many smart devices throughout your home snd, you want to connect them with your computer or. It makes sense to leave it running on the computer.

And if you are not interested in wanting to connect all devices with your computer by using Alljoyn services. You can also turn these services off, and you can also disable them.

Will disabling Alljoyn service have a real impact on your system?

After getting to know what the service is designed for and what it can do for you, and whether or not you need the service, it’s important to consider what you have to gain by shutting it off and if the changes are worth the effort. Most modern-day computers have high-powered processors and lots of RAM to work with.

After getting to know these services that are designed for and what it can do for you, and whether or not you also need the services, It is also important to know that what you will gain from shutting this service off.

Nowadays, computers have mostly high-powered processors and lots of RAM to work on it. You may also turn off these services for the best performance.

How to disable Alljoyn service from windows 10

Now, if you have already decided to turn off this kind of service, and you don’t want to leave the service running, it,s an important thing to understand how to might be able to disable it.

Below is a brief tutorial to walk you through the process to disable it from windows 10.follow all the steps exactly, and you will have the services turned off in more moments.

1.Press the Windows key plus R to activate the Run box of windows and then input services.msc in the box of screen showing. Then press OK to go on to the next step.



2. Select the AllJoyn Router Service from the list of tasks that are running, hit Right-click, and then select Properties.


AllJoynRouterService_screen if AJRouter running service, choose to Stop the service and select Disabled for a startup in type function.
That is all to turn these kinds of service off. Now As long you are willing to follow these steps so you can cancel this service, you get back the resources and use your windows 10 with better performance.



It,s a personal decision to make whether or not that you want to leave the Alljoyn services running on the windows. It is fantastic to use and useful for many people, but most will not use the Alljoyn service.

And you can also turn these settings on by reversing all the steps as I told you all of them if you may not have any problem to keep these on.

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Yes, we can turn this service for better performance. and it can make your computer smooth.

2.Can we disable workstation service?

Yes, we can turn these service off for the performance and smoothness

3.Is it really safe to disable all these services from msconfig?

Yes, it is safe to disable these services from msconfig.

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