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As you pass your 21st, often reading memes, you will be left with a question “what is poggers?” well, that’s not your fault, Gen Z has come up with a complete unaccustomed vocabulary of their own words they call “slangs”. Many of us don’t care to learn the meanings of these slangs but teenagers would know this new trendy meme, poggers twitch. Most of us that are active on live streaming platforms might already know the pogger definition

In this article “what does poggers mean”, I am going to give you a bit of teenage or TikTok language masterclass. My article will center around what is pogger definition?


Let’s start from the basics and define poggers;

Pogger definition:

The word “poggers” refers to a Twitch emoticon that portrays a surprised-looking Pepe the Frog. When something exciting happens during a game, the phrase “poggers” is used to convey passion.

Poggers meaning: POG or poggers is an emoticon or emoji. What it signifies? Originally a gaming emoji it is used to express feelings of success, joy, and excitement. Where is it used? Twitch website came up with this frog character emoticon and now you see it everywhere on social media. Like “OMG poggers” or Gamer 1: “Do you see what’s going on?” Gamer2: “poggers, poggers, poggers, poggers, poggers, poggers Yes, I did! That was fun!”

Origin and fam of poggers:


About 10 months ago, poggers phrase hit every social media platform. Twitch is a gaming platform that provides live streaming and broadcasting where opponents can see the facial expression of each other. There is also a chat room on this platform where you can find poggers twitch emoticon. This pepe the frog characters create fun and enjoyment in the battlefield of twitch.

At first “PogChamp” and “MonkaS, were the words used but as they were prolonged less cool, twitch removed them and replaced them with poggers. Since then, poggers have taken over social media and how people use this cool exciting phrase in their tweets and snaps.



By this time, you know what does poggers mean? Let’s answer some most auto-wired questions on google about poggers. What is pogger? Define poggers or pogger definition? I have answered the above. Other questions comprise:

Is pogger bad or rude?

Of course not, if you see a strange word like poggers on your screen. Don’t get upset. It’s just internet slang used to express emotions of delight, Poggers meaning in the above sections proves that. yes, some meme makers are giving it different other meanings but once you know the pogger definition you can tell if it is sarcastic or not?

Are POG and poggers twitch different?

POG and poggers twitch are like brothers, having different lives but the same origin. Both the incarnations of the modern internet. POG is a short acronym for “Play of the Game” that is most preferably used in the battlefields of games. Poggers are commonly and recently comprised in social media like TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. And gives the same meaning as POG like “wow”, “amazing”, “cool”, and “astonishing “whether its POG or poggers twitch the meaning and excitement stays the same

How does a gamer define poggers?

For a gamer pogger definition is “To make a play” in a game shows to do something in the game, but it is most often used to refer to a particularly spectacular moment in the game that demonstrates your skillset (or just you getting lucky.) POG stands for “play of the game,” which refers to the best “play” of the round, match, or whatever. PogChamp simply combines POG and challenger, implying that the play was/is the best play in the round and that the individual who made it is a winner (winner/extremely skilled at the game). POGGERS, as far as I can tell, isn’t a long acronym; I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of putting “ers” after POG.

Final thoughts:

After reading, hopefully, you would know what does poggers mean? And now you can easily find out what these Gen Z teenage slangs are saying in your comments. I can also predict that after knowing poggers meaning, many of you will try to prove that you know all the cool stuff by using it in your every sentence. Best of luck with that!


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