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Most Unclear Purpose of Origin Points

While playing the Origin game, maybe you have noticed that the platform offers a feature called Origin Points. But what is the Origin point? and what is purpose of it. Many players aren’t sure what it is. Let’s find out.

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Origin points

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What are Origin Points? 

Origin points can be earned by showing expertise in the game. Players can use their Origin Points to track their accomplishments when playing EA games.

The simplest way for players to receive these points is to simply log in to Origin more frequently and unlock more game achievements.

What do you spend Origin Points on?

It is not possible to use Origin Points as currency. As you play games, consider them as confirmation of your accomplishments. As far as currency goes, they only serve to demonstrate your gaming abilities and skills. Origin Points cannot be used to purchase anything. Discounts cannot be obtained with them.

For those looking to spend their points on Bioware points, there are a number of ways to do so. Among them is buying DLC for older Bioware games as well as other game items.

There is a difference between BIOWARE points and Origin points. They are not connected.

What is the point of Origin Points?

Stats are the only purpose of Origin Points. Feel-good factors are also associated with them. Games that increase users’ engagement on a platform (such as these points) are well known.

Additionally, behavioural conditioning is psychologically based on these points. If one of their goals is to get more origin Points, achievement-oriented users will be more likely to play origin games. Actively using the platform will increase the likelihood of receiving more points, which is one of the ways you can increase your spending.

It is important to show your loyalties to the platform by boasting about your origin Points.

Can you do anything with Origin Points?

When it comes to Origin Points, there isn’t much you can do with them — configuring them, purchasing DLCs, or getting discounts are not possible.

Gamer’s perspective (pun intended) does not have any value to Origin Points after seven years since EA first introduced the system.

How do I redeem Origin Points?

Origin Points can’t be redeemed because they’re just visual representations of your gaming achievements and time spent on the platform.

Origin Points cannot be exchanged for free in-game content, discounts, or anything else of the sort. In reality, Origin Points are worthless.

What gamers say about Origin Points

Many gamers have expressed an interest in seeing some use of origin Points. Apparently, Origin Points can be used by players at least for cosmetic items.

It has also been suggested that a bonus should be given to those who have demonstrated loyalty to the platform. A number of players drew parallels between the system and the way Ubisoft offers in-game rewards and discounts.

Various players also suggested that once players hit 5,000 points, they should get a free month of Origin Access.

Gamers have suggested that EA can offer discounts for lesser-known games if users spend their Origin Points. With discounts, companies could promote less popular games and increase sales.

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May 2013 marked the debut of Origin Points by EA. Although this system was introduced 7 years ago, gamers still do not benefit from it.

According to my understanding, these points have only one purpose: to encourage gamers to spend more time playing games on Origin. More points are earned, as the player unlocks more achievements.

Practically, gamers cannot do anything with Origin Points: they cannot get discounts on games nor can they access certain games for free.

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