Fixed: There was an error loading the game configuration from the website error on runescape

If “There was an error loading the game configuration from the website error on runescape” an error prompt typically appears. When affected, users attempt to launch the Runescape client on their windows system. This problem mostly comes or occurred on windows 7, windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Fix this error
Fix this error


Solutions for ‘There was an error loading the game configuration from the website error on runescape’ :

We show you many several ways to get rid of this error. You may follow these steps to solve this problem and play your games perfectly and the computer runescape.

Solution #1: Uninstall/ Disable the 3rd party security system

If you’re using a third-party suite s as a security system, it is possible that a false positive end to interrupting this connection with this game server runescape. In abling to fix the problem, you must divert the real-time protection or uninstall the 3rd party suites together.

disable real time protection
Note: Keep this in your mind that you can disable it from the tray menu runescape because it is third-party because your Microsoft developers do not officially install it.And you have to do it by your own self for removing these type of errors also.

In that case, you can follow the different steps mentioned below to fix this solution as well. your run dialog box, press the Windows button plus R ( windows + R), type the appwiz.cpl, and hit the enter to open the programs, features, and apps panel.


2.If you are inside the programs and features, then scroll down through the list of already installed apps and programs, locate the antivirus, and uninstall it if it is causing issues.


3.on the uninstallation screen of the software, follow all instructions to complete the process, then switch your computer restart.


4.Once it is restarted, then start your game and enjoy.

If you are also facing these issues still, you can follow more steps mentioned below. Follow them and try out all of them.

Solution 2: Resetting or the Switching of Browser

If above method don’t work for ‘There was an error loading the game configuration from the website error on runescape‘ error then try this one.

Now keep that in your mind that Runescape is also a java-based browser system. It is played straight from browser options. If you have already tried to fix it by disabling the security system and it was useless, you must try this option. It may be the problem browser that you are using to play the game.

Many users encountered these kinds of issues and confirmed that the operation was resolved after resetting their browsers. They are using; they do it by clearing cache or migrated one to another browser.

If you are using any other browser, consider migrating to a more reliable browser like firefox, chrome, opera, etc. IE & Edge are also known to face more issues like game browsers built by java. Like Runescape.

Solution 3: perform the complete Winsock reset

If the solutions mentioned above would not work for you, you might be dealing with your network adapter’s inconsistency. Many Runescape players were facing this error.You may face the different error also in this case

This problem is also caused to cache data belongs to a network adapter. This solution will probably work for you. If this will not work on your computer, you may try one of the other solutions. Follow steps and remove errors.

Here are some steps to fix this problem and error.

1.once you open the Run cmd Dialog box, press the Windows button plus R . Windows + R. Next, type cmd and hit the enter button to open the next views. Click yes to give it a grant of administrator user.

2.Once you have already opened the command prompt system, type the commands mentioned below.
After every command is processed successfully, restart your computer and launch the game once the startup is complete to see if it is now solved.

3.After giving it commands successfully, restart the computer and relaunch the game. If this solution works, the game will work correctly. You can play and enjoy it.

Solution 4: Flush DNS (Domain name system)

You can also receive an error like this’ Runescape there is an error to loading the game configuration from the webpage by causing’ inconsistency of DNS domain network name. So you have to flush and clear DNS. Here are some steps to do it. There are given below

step #1. Open up the run window option. Then type CMD in a box and hit CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to run this command Prompt as admin.


Step #2. In this command prompt system, type the following commands and hit the enter button to execute ipconfig/flushdns…


When all the DNS system has been cleared, you can start the game and play it with real fun.

Solution #5: Using VPN

You can also use the VPN to fix this error while it’s showing again and again on your screen. YOu can install third-party software of VPN And connect it to different regions for getting a fix that error. Sometimes changing your location can fix many errors as well.


There are so many virtual private networks are available; you can download any of them and connect it. Then you may check your game. This will surely work as it did work for me also.Mostly VPN,s are not free. you must have to buy the keys and license for them to use.

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1.Why showing this error?

Because of some third-party software may be causing this error.

2.Can we solve this error?

Yes, we can solve this error by different methods, and we can use different ways.

3.Are these third part software are safe to use on the computer?

Yes, they are safe to use in computers sometimes.

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