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Updated method to Fix “there was a problem parsing the package” error

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After the release of android technology, our lives have changed so much. You can find apps for almost everything, and day by day, the android developers bring you the best apps that are best suitable for you in your daily life.

With the significant number of apps released every day, several errors come with the apps. Like when you open an app after installation, sometimes it works perfectly fine, but sometimes you will see a window pop-up, and there will be a message saying, “There was a problem parsing the package.”



But when you see this message doesn’t need to panic because the problem is not on your phone, but it’s in the APP, and the reason could be anything! But to find the reason behind it and remove this error, we will discuss several ways in this article.

Reasons of there was a problem parsing the package error

But before we show you how to remove the mistake first, let’s discuss how the error “there was a problem parsing the package error” happened?

Incompletely downloaded File:

This first reason for the error to occur is because of the incomplete download file. This happens either the network connection breaks down during the downloading, or the Phone power shuts down during the downloading process. And if this happens, we will surely get the message parsing the package error.

Not suitable for current OS version:

The second reason could be that the OS version on which your device is running is not compatible with running your apps without any problems. This usually happens because the codes through which the apps are generated do not support the old OS version, so you have to upgrade your device to run your favorite apps without getting the package error.

Security Issues:

The security of android phones is perfect because they care about your data. That’s why they make the OS secure that your data could not be at risk. That why you can only install the apps that are available on the play store easily. But if you download the third-party app, it won’t work fine and may give you the package error.

Corrupted APK file:

Sometimes, due to the virus’s attack, the app loses its data, and when that happens, the app gets corrupted, and when the app gets corrupted, you will surely get an error while running the app.

These are the reasons that could lead your apps to the error but worry not. We are here to tell u=you the solution through which you can easily get rid of these errors.

Best way to Solve there was a Problem Parsing the Package Problem:

Allow Unknown sources:

The error occurred when installing the app the unknown sources are restricted to install you have to go to your settings and click on allow unknown sources; this will let your device install the apps.

Unknown Sources

Unknown Sources

Enabling USB debugging:

Sometimes allowing the usb to debug will help you to install the app. This is not the best way to fix the error, but sometimes it works fine to remove the error. To enable the USB debugging option, you must have to unlock the developer’s option.

For opening the developer’s choice first, go to the settings, then go to the about phone option.

Then click on the build-in number five or six times; you will then get the message that you are the developer now.

After that, open the developer option and find the USB debugging option and enable it. Now you can be able to install the apps without getting the package error.

USB debugging

Disabling Antivirus:

Sometimes, the antivirus blocking the third-party app to install disabling the antivirus will surely help you eliminate this error. For disabling the antivirus, open the antivirus which is installed on your device. Simply find the disable option and click on it. You will see that the antivirus is disabled, and the apps start working fine.

Disable Antivirus

Damaged downloaded File:

As we discussed earlier, that uncompleted File might cause the package error to check whether the downloaded File is damaged or not. Merely check the downloaded file size and compare it with the actual file size. If the downloaded file size is low than the existing File, then that means your downloaded File is not downloaded correctly.

To get rid of this problem, you have to uninstall the downloaded app then download the File again to work fine.

Clearing cookies and cache for play-store:

Most of the time, the play store saves the already installed app’s cache data that makes some of the newly installed app malfunction, and the error occurs to remove the error. You must have to clear the cache data and cookies as well.

  • To clear the cache data, just go to the setting of your device and go to apps.
  • There you will find the play store.
  • After that, open the storage section and click on precise cache data.
  • After doing this, just install the app again, and you will find that the error is gone.
  • Clear cache

Updating OS:

After following all these steps, if the error is still there, then there must be a problem with your OS, which is not supported by the APPs because your OS does not sometimes support the coding used in the app; try to update your device to get rid of the Package error.

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We have discussed how you can get the parsing the package error in this article, and we also discussed how you could get rid of these errors. Try using these ways mentioned above to eliminate these errors, but If you still face these problems, try to upgrade your phone. This may help you run your favorite apps without facing any mistakes.


Q1. Can USB Debugging help us to get rid of this problem?

Well, in some cases, USB debugging may fix these problems, but in some cases, it may not.

Q2. How do I fix the problem by praising the package error?

By following the steps mentioned above, you can quickly eliminate the problem by praising the package.

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