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The Best LiveLeak Alternatives to Watch Shocking Videos!

Liveleak alternative
Written by Minahil Gohar

A video-sharing website Liveleak was launched in 2006. It can freely hostage the events like war, and politics etc. it is an amazing source of searching films of all genres. It works similar to YouTube and helps people post their videos and films. When you open the Liveleak there is a recent option. By clicking this option you can get the most recent videos and films about recent events. There are several issues regarding live broadcasting and recording in Liveleak. It was banned on May 7, 2021. Therefore we have some other Liveleak alternatives for you in this article. So if you want to know about the alternatives of Liveleak, stick to this article till the end.

Liveleak alternative

Top 6 Liveleak alternatives

All the websites in the following list are the substitutes of Liveleak. They provide you with the best footage of films and videos that you want to watch. So let’s have a look on them one by one


Xfinity is the best and number one Liveleak alternative to watch the videos and films. In this site you can watch videos related to news from different channels including MSNBC, ABC news, CNN newsy, Time news and Weather Channel. The videos related to sports, entertainment and lifestyle are also available on this site. This website is in first place because of its diverse category of offering a vast variety of videos.

2-Leaked reality

Leaked reality is also the best alternative site to Liveleak. A list of must see videos, featured videos and the latest news and videos are given on the home is a second site on our list of alternatives of Liveleak. There is a huge collection of millions of videos and thousands of allows the users to search for the videos of their interest on other sites as well related to entertainment. Leaked reality is a site that includes various categories of videos like entertainment, news, crime, cops, politics, religion, and much more.


Liveleak has been banned since 2021 so metacafe is its best alternative that contains gorgeous designs and video collections. It is a video-sharing site. Different types of videos including new, short entertainment videos, technology, music, dance, related and games, sports, and science-related videos are also available on this vast website. It also helps you to filter out the videos of your interest and the trending videos from the must-see option and the latest option available on the site.  Metacafe can also be installed on your Android phone

4-Snap tube.

It is a free video downloader app. Snap tube is also available for your Android phone. It is similar to Liveleak and one of the most commonly used sites for video sharing. Millions of films and movies of all genres and themes are available here. For using snap tube free you can also download videos and films from other sites like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter etc. in this site there is a restriction for unnecessary content, but it still has a vast variety of videos available for the users

5-Daily motion

Daily motion is an amazing substitute for Liveleak but with the passage of time, it is losing its popularity. It is not as popular these days as it was once. Many people are still unaware of its use. This site provides a vast variety of movies and videos of all sorts. It is a site where high-quality footage and movies are available. The videos are divided into various categories like cartoons, naughty videos, and funny movies, etc. 

6-Ebaum’s world

An entertainment site ebaum’s world is a Liveleak alternative. This site presents funny videos and pictures. All the shocking content is available on this site as were present in Liveleak. It also includes news, events, and viral videos and also offers funny movies.


With the help of these alternative sites, you can watch unlimited videos and movies. All these platforms have rich content on a variety of topics. You can choose any of the above alternative sites of Liveleak to enjoy the videos and movies. If you have more extra time you can watch more than one website related to movies.

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