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How to take a screenshot on windows 10

how to take screenshot on window 10
Written by Waleed khan

Have you ever take a screenshot on windows 10? Taking a screenshot for the very first time is much difficult right? Sometimes we are working or making something such as a logo, picture, or Something appear which we want to capture but most of the time they don’t allow you to save it so we have to take the screenshot. If you are using Windows 10 it’s important for you to learn screen capturing. Today I will show how to take a screenshot on Windows 10 by just doing simple steps. 

What is Screenshot?

                                            Screenshot is the type of picture which is captured for copy a specific thing on the screen or copying an image to save on your PC. Most of the time you are working on something Such as you played a game and you achieved something and you want to show your achievement to your friends.

how to take screenshot on window 10

How you will show? If you can’t take a screenshot on Windows10 or you even don’t know about it. There is no other way to do it. At these types of moments screenshot becomes more valuable because you don’t have any other method or tool to do it.

How to take a screenshot on windows 10

   There are many tools for taking screenshots but if we have the facility on our pc then why we use other tools. We can take it by just pressing some button. It saves time and energy. Taking a screenshot through tools you may face lots of difficulties. Most of the time these tools can irritate you by showing ads. There are some worth using tools as well we will also discuss them.

Short keys for Taking Screenshot

As I already told you that you can take a screenshot on Windows 10 by just pressing simple buttons. Actually these are the Short keys but not everyone knows about it.

Prnt Scrn

                              One of the most commonly using short key is prnt Scrn. What you have to do is that you have to press the control button and prntscrn at once. Your all screen will be captured now they will ask about where you want to save or do you want to edit it.

how to take screenshot on window 10


                                         This is also one of the easiest screenshot taking short key. Like other you just have to click the window button and PrntScrn button together and it will take a screenshot. You can edit it directly or can edit after saving.   


                                      These look like the same but if any of the short key doesn’t work then there are many more options available. Press the Alt button and prntscrn at the same time and it will take a screenshot.


                                   This is the most useable key.just simply press window button shift plus S. After pressing it on Window 10 it will show you cursor then you have to select the area which you want to save.

Fn + PrtScn

Fn +Windows +PrtScn

Fn+Alt +PrtScn

Windows Key+H

These all are the short keys for which you can take a screenshot on windows 10. Their method can be changed but they will show the same result. You just need to press properly.

There are some desktop tools which are elegantly working for many years if any of these keys doesn’t work or you don’t remember these keys so you can use these tool to take Screenshot.

Snipping Tool

how to take screenshot on window 10

                             Have you ever heard the name of the snapping tool? I know you have because the snapping tool is the most using desktop tool. You can take any kind of screenshot and you are also allowed to edit it. You can take any kind of screenshot such as circle, rectangle, full screen, half screen, or you can just take a screenshot of any needed area.

How to take a screenshot on the snipping tool

                                                                                                 Taking a screenshot on the snipping tool is much easy. By doing 3 to 4 steps you can do it.

  • Go to the search bar and write a snipping tool
  • Click on it and then click on new
  • Now cursor will appear
  • Select  the area through cursor
  • Release the cursor and save it in your pc

Snip Editor

                     Snip editor is much better than the snipping tool having some extra features which easy to take a screenshot and also easy to edit it and also it allows you to write and paint some area.

I sure know you have learned so many methods to take a screenshot. Do you know why we showed many methods? No you don’t let me tell you as always we care about you and we want to make things easy for you. From these methods find an easy method and keep taking a screenshot.  

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