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Why we use social media?
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I m sure it’s the very first time you are going to know that there are 1 billion active users of Instagram in the world. You are one of them. If you are not or new to Instagram and you don’t know how to use Instagram and repost Instagram stories or photos. Then I m here to help you.

Here is a brief introduction to Instagram. For those who are not familiar with it.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media app that was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram has many similarities with twitter. You can follow the person you like or you know and people will also follow if they want. Then you can see the recent post in the feed. If you like so of the post there is a heart button and also you can comment and share the posts. Instagram allowed you to post a story.

And the very important thing is that you can directly message to anyone.

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What is Instagram’s story?

If you are a user of Snapchat or WhatsApp there is nothing new for you. You are already familiar with it but if not then don’t worry.

The story is also like a post (photo, video,) but you can view it within 24 hours. After a day the story deletes automatically. And it doesn’t save permanently.

Instagram is an addictive social media app.


For using Instagram you have to signup for an account of Instagram. There are a few more options available as you can sign in with Facebook or other. You can also start with email, password, and username. If you are using Instagram on Android or iOS. You should download the Instagram app and then repeat this process. If you take my opinion Instagram looks very decent on Android. Because Instagram is designed for smartphones.

Instagram is so boring if you are not following your favorite pages or people. For fun, you need to follow your favorites otherwise you gonna hate this platform. Anyway if you don’t wanna show your uploads to everyone or don’t want anyone to follow you there is privacy for you. You just have to private your Instagram account. The benefit of a private account is that only those people follow you who you will approve and can enjoy your posts. for example, if a person wanna connect with you or follow you they will send you a follow request. Then it’s up to you. You allow him either reject him.

Instagram VIP Tick :

Sometimes you have seen a blue tick with some accounts mostly with celebrities’ Instagram account. It means that they are confirmed by Instagram as the public figure or Celebrity. You can also apply for this but how to apply?

Here are some easy tips for you.

Easy Tips to Apply for Registration:

The very first thing you have to do is that you have to log in to your Instagram account. Then go to your Instagram profile and tap the three-line bar you can see at the right corner.

Request Verification :

After clicking the three-line bar you will see the setting option at the bottom. Just click the setting and some options will appears to find request verification and click.

After this, the main method starts. There you have to fill the requirements. They will automatically add your username. You just have to enter your full name as well as category, known as, and you also have to attach a photo.

Let me tell you one thing there is no guarantee that after submission of verification requests they will verify your account. But at least they notify you.

Now moving toward our main topic How to repost Instagram stories photos videos?

Share Instagram posts as your story:

You know what Instagram stories repost is quite easy but if you are a fresh user of Instagram then it may be quite complicated. So here are some easy steps for you to repost Instagram stories.

1: Quickly open your Instagram on any available device.

2: After opening the Instagram open the feed and select what you wanna share.

3: When you select the post you will the airplane option with the comments and like options below the selected post.

4: After clicking the airplane option the list will appear of people who you want to send.

5: There will be an option on the top which is feed as your own story.

6: once you click that option the story will post but if you want you can edit the story as well before posting.

Stories Posting

When we think about posting someone else story the only option comes in our mind is a screenshot but what if I tell you there is an option by which you can share someone ‘s stories.

Why We Share Someone ‘s story

Sometimes when you have your birthday and someone shares a story to wish you or wishing you a special day of your life so you want to share it. Keep that in your mind that you can share the story if you are tagged in. You will receive a message and from there you can easily share the story.

Thank you.

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