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5 Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram direct messages

recover deleted Instagram direct messages
Written by Waleed khan

We are here with another Instagram issue. Do you ever recover deleted Instagram direct messages? To find out with whom you were chatting? Or you want to recover your girlfriend promises? Or you lost your messages by mistake. Most of the time people want to read old messages from friends etc.

 So you are one of them but you don’t know how you can recover deleted Instagram direct messages? Take it easy dear. Today we will show you how it can be done by applying some easy steps.  

How Instagram works

Instagram is known as the most growing image and video sharing app. It gains lots of users in a short time period.  After many updates Instagram is now full of new features. I remember before some years Instagram has not so many features as you could just share photos and videos by Simple captions.

 But now you can make highlights. You can also share statuses that automatically deleted after 24 hours.  You can send messages to the people you followed.  If you want to chat with someone you need to follow them.

How to Log in Instagram on PC/Laptop

recover deleted Instagram direct messages


Most of the mobile app doesn’t work on Pc/laptop.  You need to do some setup to use those apps Such as Snap Chat, Tiktok, etc but Instagram has a specific Pc/laptop version you can easily access. How you can log in on Pc? Follow these simple steps.

  1. Open your browser and type Instagram log in
  2. Or click here
  3. Then enter  your name and password and click on log in
  4. Save you password for next time direct log in
  5. That’s it you are log in

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How to Recover Deleted Instagram Direct Messages Manually

                                                                                                                                                      You can recover it by using tools but in this method we will not use any tool. We will show you how you can recover it manually. So follow these steps

  • Type Instagram in your browser and then click on Instagram
  • Enter your login information and press login
  • Now you will see profile option on top corner click it
  • You will see the setting option next to Edit profile click it
  • After that some options will appear click privacy and Setting
  • 3 options will appear to go to data download
  • Press request download and wait
recover deleted Instagram direct messages
  • Now again go to the login action they will ask for login
  • Again Enter your password and email
recover deleted Instagram direct messages
  • Next one  is press download data
recover deleted Instagram direct messages
  • Compressed file will be downloaded
  • Extract that file
recover deleted Instagram direct messages
  • By pressing Ctrl+F you can locate the desire messages which you wanted to recover
  • Done

Instagram message recovery online

                                                                                                                 You can recover Instagram messages online.  There are many tools and sites with which you can easily recover Instagram messages. How you can recover?    Just do it by doing these simple steps.

  • Open browser and type Instagram message recovery
  • They will ask you for log in
  • Enter your username and password and log in
  • You will see recover message option in the corner click it
  • Then they will ask to verify either you are human or robot
  • Direct messages file will be downloaded

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How to recover Instagram direct messages on iOS

recover deleted Instagram direct messages

  If you are an iOS user and you want to recover Instagram direct messages then there are lots of tools and methods available. You can easily recover messages online as we taught. Otherwise there are some amazing tools to recover Instagram direct messages.

 IBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

                                                                            Have you ever heard about this software? I know you don’t because you are recovering messages for the very first time. But next time when you want to recover Instagram direct messages automatically this software will pop up in mind. This app is easy to use.  iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery allows you to recovery all-time Instagram messages on iPhone.

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How to recover Instagram direct messages on Android

 If the above method doesn’t work then there is one more option available for you.  There are many more tools for recovering message but this tool will make it simple and easy for you.


Fucosoft android data recovery

                                                                       This app is specially designed for android users to recover Instagram deleted messages. As we already discuss the solution but that method is a little difficult but Fucosoft android data recovery software will easily do it by doing some simple steps.


                            Apply these simple tricks to recover your deleted Instagram messages. In this article we also discussed some best tools. Now you can easily recover messages at any time.  I don’t think you will have any queries. Share with your friends and also share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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