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Prevnext Add on

Prevnext Add on
Written by Minahil Gohar

A free addon prevnext is used in mods that provide navigation. With the help of prevnext you are facilitated to go to the next post as well as to the previous one. Prevnext add-on is specially designed for the developers. As a module, it would indicate to them about the post of the firm or organization and help to link each post that are on a particular product or service. In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about prevnext add-on from introduction to the step-by-step usage. So if you were looking for such an informative blog you are at the right place.

What does Prevnext add on do?
Prevnext Add on

To prevnext helps developers from amalgamating within the codes. Explaining it furthermore. Let’s suppose that we have to make a website for online trading. Evidently there would be many services, posts, pages etc. on that particular site. Now to muster up all the pages into the main page the one thing you can do is to divide your content into pages and then make separate pages so that the user can get the link but it is time consuming and risky and can lead to many bugs. 

The other way is that the developers can simply use the add on which is called prevnext that will manage all such inconveniences in an effective and manageable manner of Prevnext.

Steps to download Prevnext.

Prevnext add on can be downloaded from the MODX website. To download prevnext on your PC follow the following steps.

  • When you have reached the website of MODX click the download option and the downloading will start within a few seconds.
  •  When the download has been done successfully go to the download folder in your PC.
  •  There you will see a zip file of prevnext add on. 
  • What you have to do is simply unzip this file and you are done with everything.

Some important information regarding Prevnext

Prevnext add-on that was developed by Goldsky was released in 2014 and its latest version was released in 2016. Within the last4 years, no other version was updated. The latest version is very efficient and works very well. The prevnext falls under GPLV3 license that means General Public License Version 3.0 which is an open-source license.

Prevnext addon supports MySQL type database. The minimal requirement of MODX is 2.2. By visiting GitHub you can gain access to all the requirements of prevnext addon.
Prevnext Add on

Importance of Prevnext

Prevnext is not a necessary thing to use but if you are willing to code all the scripts for navigation you can use it. During development, prevnext helps to organize data very efficiently without facing the problems of bugs.and it is a fruitful way for the development of any website.

If you are trading online or selling any item you have to give your customer the easy and quick way of reaching their options in a systematic and fluent way. So in this way prevnext is very helpful in organizing data. 

Users should be provided with an easy approach to the previous and next option that can only be possible by prevnext addon.

MoD ax Prevnext addon is an open-source web application and it was developed originally in combination with PHP and cloud support. Prevnext is a free addon that is used for navigation.


If you intend to give numbering to your post ; you can get help from prevnext addon. The WordPress plugin can also be used to divide posts into several pages. This addon called the prevnext is best for all types of websites.

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