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How to Fix Netflix error code u7353?

How to Fix Netflix error code u7353_
Written by Waleed khan

Netflix is the most using platform for watching movies and talk shows a for a decade ago. People feel more comfortable to use its user-friendly interface than searching for each show online. The most reliable feature of Netflix is that it’s one account can be used for multiple screens. Nowadays, Netflix has also made itself easier and error-free for its user.

However, the most appealing issues in using Netflix is  Netflix error code u7353. Mostly people are complaining about this error because of its offended users during streaming. Now here the question arises, what is error code u7353?

When anyone tries to load Netflix or maybe during streaming the site or app can show an error message of

“Whoops… Something went wrong”

And that’s the most annoying moment! Surely I am kidding but here your all tensions will wipe out in minutes. Is it difficult? Could I do this or have to contact Netflix help team? etc etc. Before asking all these questions, I would like to tell you how this happens. So that you may avoid to do such things next time. Netflix error code u7353 causes due to the following reasons;

  • Due to missing essential files in Netflix folder. This error occurs both for Windows and Tablet or android etc.
  • Due to using a previous version of Netflix UWP application. To resolve this issue Netflix had already launched an application name hotfix.
  • Due to setting invalid DNS addresses. Sometimes, we don’t know how to setup DNS for your browser. If doesn’t change it and using already by default, then we will briefly describe a method to set it up. And hopefully, your Netflix error code u7353 would be resolved within our provided methods.

Netflix error code u7353[ Fixed]

First of all, make sure that you are using that method which is appropriate to your device. Because I am going to mention both for pc and android. The method would be slightly different. But the difficulty may occur in finding those options or menus.

  1. By Uninstalling/reinstalling app

Mostly, Netflix error code u7353 happened due to using an old version of the application from Microsoft Windows store or play store. Another reason is that this error code u7353 mostly occurs in windows. Because Microsoft app store may have Netflix versions that are corrupted now. So, to resolve your issue follow these steps;

  • In windows, click on the windows icon in the left toolbar.
  • Then click on “Run” and type “uninstall application”.
  • No more than your half typing pc would automatically show you options. Then go on to control panel and uninstall Netflix.
  • Reinstall your application from window store and restart your computer. Hopefully, your problem would be resolved.
  • Here another solution comes for older versions of windows to reset application.
  • For resetting application use the same method as described previously next interface may change.
  1. Setting DNS for your Browser

Sometimes during the installation of apps, we accidentally give access to our browser’s setting. Which results in setting changes simple to that app. And if you are using by default DNS then we recommend you to try this method;

  • Simple and easy way to get settings is the right click of the mouse on the internet icon on the right side of the toolbar.
  • Click on internet protocol and communication.


Netflix error code u7353

  • Then a new window would appear in front of you. Click on DNS settings.
  • Add as the preferred DNS server and as the Alternate DNS server.

Netflix error code u7353

  • You may not found these settings then try this one.
  • Click on the window icon and enter “ncpa.cpl” then automatically window will move you to that setting.
  • Hopefully, your issue would be resolved with this method.

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3. Clear cookies and terms


Third and, the last one is quite easier than all the above methods. Just go to the setting of your browser either you are using pc or android. Just reset or clear cookies and terms in your browser and restart your system. Hopefully, your issue would be resolved.

These methods will help you to fix Netflix error. Share with your friends and also tell us in comment section how you fix your issue?



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