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New Method to Fix: Mods tab not loading on twitch?

Written by Waleed khan

Twitch is one of the fantastic and most popular streaming services in the world of the gaming community. Streamers mostly use this application for streaming their gameplays.
This application is killing youtube streaming for the past two years, buying its new features updated. These are the most remarkable features. But most users are facing some problems like the mods tab not loading on twitch with its loading screen while they are playing moded games.

For a few months. When I have started to twitch, the mods tab has been many problems to loading its screen. This is what happened. Whenever I start to twitch and click the mods tab, it just sits there, the loading screen icon just spinning and spinning. First, I thought it may be a problem of plain broke.
Even after 2 two hours, the tab screen was still spinning and spinning and shows nothing to perform any action. I closed the application then restart it, then it also not working for me, and it does not show the moded games. So that time, I thought I was out of luck until the bug was fixed.
After one week, I checked it, and there was the same problem with it. I was worried and started asking people on different websites until the mod list showed up on my screen.
Now I just sneaked out on websites, and I found different ways to fix it up, and some are methods that are still working for me and many others because I tried all these methods and found them working.
However, the recent reports and posts we have seen are not useful that Twitch’s new update has brought the bug in it. That prevents the mods of game s from loading, and it does now shows anything on screen and not showing all matches.
While we want to start, these mods are keep loading, again and again, for an hour. In this ace, we will guide you and help you fix this bug. Let us start fixing this issue and make all the users comfortable playing these mods they installed on Twitch.

Reasons Why Mods Tabs not Loading on Twitch

1.Twitch mods are not running sometimes, and they don’t be able to load if you do not log in from the administrator. SO make sure you must log in as administrator.
2.The windows firewall on your computer might be blocking it and not allowing you to run ahead. maybe. It stops you from playing these modes. So you must disable it.
3.There is another issue that you must not have signed incorrectly to your twitch account from your ISP quality. Or maybe connections between you and the server are not suitable due to this.


Method one : up the twitch desktop application as you always open all the time.
2.On the top left corner of your screen, you will get to see a menu icon, which is also referring to the hamburger menu, also. press, and select on it to open up the menu.
3.Now, you must move the cursor from the first option in the drop-down menu, which is your file. you have to logout from here
5.If you are done, you will see the login page now. Here you will have to enter your username and password to log in.

Method two: Delete the APPDATA the windows also key plus the R key (WINDOWS+R KEY) at the same time while you opened it, then right-click on a start icon, then click and hit run.
2.NOW you see a pop-up window opened, then type %APPDATA%, and hit the enter button.
3.Open the twitch folder From the loaded file is given here.
4.Now, you have to press CTRL+A and press the delete key to delete all the files from the folder.
5.Now start the Twitch and check whether the issue still exists or not. Here you can follow method number one and continue to process of sing in and sign out process.

Method three: Installing do .NET Framework

mods tab not loading on twitch also exists of you have might not install the .NET framework or whether some of its files have any case, download and install this net from work on your computer might be able to help
1.Download the net framework from Microsoft’s official website.
2.If you have downloaded it. navigate to its download folder and run setup then.
3.Now go with on-screen instruction to install it on your computer system. restart your computer system.
check whether the issue still persists or not


these are some methods to fix the mods tab not loading on twitch error from the twitch which is called twitch mods not loading issue. If this post helped you in anyways please show us some love with good reviews and some suggestions. Now you can play and enjoy the mods of different games which you want. ENJOY!


1.Why I can not be able to install Twitch?

These addons installation errors can occur during the installation of it. If the twitch is not correctly well configured. It may have some issues to show which caused you not to install it on your computer.

2.Do Twitch mods also get paid?

Yes, these mods also get paid because of their development .they are really some expensive stuff to use and play on the computer. while there are so many other mods that you can play on computers.

3.How to install mod pack on twitch?

First, you create a custom profile then import the links. locate the zipped file you have on your computer then grab it into the mod pack folder of twitch.

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