Mac OS could not be Installed on your Computer System – Fixed

Macintosh’s working framework is explicitly designed and intended for Apple’s PCs. That is the Macintosh line of PCs. Its most recent form is Mac OS X. it has the 3-d appearance of a work area interface and capabilities. It effectively runs Unix applications just as old Mac applications were.


Mac OS could not be installed on your Computer System

Sometimes there is an error saying Mac OS could not be installed on your computer system, as a rule, happens when you are reinstalling your macintosh OS or while you are trying to install any updates. It additionally happens in the case when you just are using your Mac. It might be because of a file absent or some other explanation.

Mac OS could not be Installed on your Computer System
Mac OS could not be installed on your Computer System

Usually, there is a file that is resided in the system folder like System/Installation/Packages/OSinstall.mpkg seems to be not there or absent or maybe damaged. However, you don’t need to stress; these errors can be fixed effectively; you just need to follow these means.

1. Reset your Mac’s NVRAM

Non Volatile RAM is a limited quantity of memory that a Mac uses to store settings like a start-up disc, time region, display settings, etc., and it can get to them rapidly. If there is a possibility that the startup settings that are stored in the NVRAM are not correct, you may get the error saying Mac OS could not be installed on your PC.

1. Reset your Mac's NVRAM
1. Reset your Mac’s NVRAM

If that is the scene, then you can attempt to reset your Mac’s NVRAM to tackle the issue. Follow these means

  • Turn off your macintosh PC first and afterward reboot it. At the point when the Macintosh begins, promptly press and hold these keys together, option, cmd, p, and r for around 20 seconds.
  • When your Mac is finished firing up, you can go to System Preferences to change any setting that was reset, similar to startup circle determination, show goal, or time region.

At that point, you can reinstall macOS or install the updates again.

2. Check date and time

In case that Macintosh is having issues to be installed on your framework, it might be because of the wrong time and date on your Macintosh. You have to change this setting by following this technique

2. Check date and time
2. Check date and time
  • First, you shut down your Macintosh and afterward reboot it back up.
  • Go to the work area and snap the framework settings icon
  • Click on date and time
  • Check if the clock and the date coordinates your present time region or not
  • If it doesn’t coordinate, click on the clock icon to empower it to make changes and afterward set the time and date
  • Tick on a Set date and time naturally choice, at that point, you should attempt to reinstall the macintosh os or install the updates once more

3. Restore from the time machine backup

In case that your macintosh os stalls out in error saying mac os could not be installed on your system, you can boot your Macintosh into safe or recovery mode to reestablish from time machine

3. Restore from the time machine backup
3. Restore from the time machine backup
  • Again, shut down your Macintosh, and restart.
  • After it turns on, promptly press cmd key and R key together
  • When you see the Apple logo, release those buttons
  • Then your Mac will boot into Mac OS utilities. Select the language and snap-on proceeding with button
  • Select regenerate from time machine backup and afterward press proceed
  • In the following screen, select the time machine backup
  • Click on the latest backups that are shown and continue

4. Run disk utility First Aid in safe mode

When there is an error going on in your Mac’s volume, you may likewise get this error. You can follow this technique to run the Disk Utility to check for the errors and fix the problem in case it is vital.

4. Run disk utility First Aid in safe mode
4. Run disk utility First Aid in safe mode
  • Shut down the Macintosh, and then turn back on your Mac. Quickly, press the Shift key, and your Mac will then naturally boot up into Safe Mode.
  • Log In to the framework utilizing your details and you will have the option to see the screen showing with safe boot characters
  • On the home screen of Mac work area, click on go and afterward select the Utilities
  • Double click on the Disc utility
  • Click medical aid and afterward race to begin to check the number of errors
  • Choose your fundamental HDD as volume to be fixed in case you not even just a single volume on your Mac.
  • And in case you see a brief message saying First Aid needs to incidentally start the boot volume, click proceed
  • First Aid apparatus will, at that point, check the volume of errors and fix them if vital.
  • Once the fix has finished, rerun the macOS update program or the reinstall cycle and check whether you escape the error message.

In case that you attempted the steps it despite everything doesn’t give an answer. Move to the following step.

5. Free up some storage on your Macintosh

This error may possibly be occurring if there isn’t sufficient storage accessible on your Macintosh, so you have to let loose some space first. Some simple tips to let lose the capacity are.

  • Move your additional records to an outer drive
  • Delete those records that are not, at this point required, you can either move those documents to a junk or erase them forever. The greater part of the garbage records are put away in the download organizer
  • An outsider tool can be utilized to tidy up the Mac, which will assist you with cleaning or eradicate undesirable on superfluous documents and a large portion of the reserve and treats too.


In this discussion, we discussed the error saying mac os could not be installed on your system and its fixed solution. If you have questions or queries, feel free to leave a comment below.

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