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Jingling Traffic Software Free Download
Written by Waleed khan

Jingling traffic software is an application of getting a lot of traffic on your web.

What is Jingling Traffic Software?

As we can see it totally clear by its name JINGLING which derived from word jiggle which means “to move” or to accelerate. similarly, jiggling traffic software move thousands of traffic toward the targeted website. Jingling traffic software or bot work automatically not by a human.

Early time resistance in use. In starting times, the user of jiggling traffic software gets difficulties in using this software because jiggling traffic software was in Chinese and user get problem in the setting of software. But now some developer develops its English version called ” traffic spirit”.

How to Use jingling software?

In jingling traffic software or generator, you have to simply enter the name of the website where you want to get traffic and do some easy setting and you will be able to get thousands of traffic on the targeted website. The difference in jingling traffic software & traffic spirit. There is not a lot of difference in this application actually the English version is the clone of jingling traffic software. Its English version helps us in setting and using this app. So, don’t get confused during downloading jingling traffic software.

Should we use jingling traffic software?

Like other so, many things each and everything has good and also its bad effects. But with the help of taking the precautionary step, we can avoid or minimized the bad effect of that thing the same in jiggling traffic software we have to take a precautionary step to not get block from google.


It gets visitors or traffic from a different location, not from one specific location.

It automatically increases traffic on your website which reduces human efforts.

The increase in traffic increase annual revenue.

It’s free of cost you don’t have to pay for it.

The increase in traffic on your website can lead you to get better sponsors.

The increase of traffic on your website help your website in getting top listed.


The disadvantage of using traffic software is if you are using Google Adsense or ads on your website so there are maximum chances to get detected from google and google is very strick may google block your website permanently because using of fraud method for getting traffic to your web.

Free Jingling traffic Software V4.0.2 Download

This software is available in the Chinese language. If you can understand the Chinese language then you should download it by clicking the “Download Jingling Software” button.

Download Software

free Jingling-traffic-software download

Updated Free Jingling traffic Software V4.0.4 Download

This is the updated version of the Software but it is also available in the Chinese language. Download it By clicking the button.

Download Software

Most of the people don’t use this software because they can’t understand the Chinese language. If you are one of them then don’t worry. We have a surprise for you.

Free jingling Software [English Version]

Here is the English version of jingling traffic software you can simply Download it By clicking the “download” button.


Password = 123456

Causes of jingling traffic Software?

You can get a lot of traffic through jingling traffic software.  This is safe until you start using Google Adsense because Google policies are very strick Google don’t allow bot traffic. They will block you from Google Adsense.

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