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Are you wondering to find how you can reset iPhone password? Grab a cup of tea and sit comfortably because you are landed at the right place. Nowadays people secure their iPhone but most of the time they forget the iPhone password. iPhone password reset is a difficult task for iPhone users but not impossible because there are many hidden ways that everyone can’t find. We have tested all kinds of ways and tools to make things easy for you. Read full content and then try it.

Remember always use a four-digit password. So you will have more chances to recover it.

How your phone can be disabled?

When you enter the password rapidly. You will not able to enter the password. But after some time they will give you some limited attempt like 10 to 15 attempt but if you doesn’t enter the correct password your limit will again expire.  After 24 hours you can enter the password but you will have only one attempt. When you cross the limit your phone will be disabled.

How to fix disable iPhone?

You can’t do anything with your phone when a Disabled message appears on your phone. You will be thinking what will you do right? the only way remains is that you will have to erase the phone and restore the data. But it is possible that you can backup your data as well as you can restore all apps. You can backup your iPhone through iTunes.

Ways to unlock iPhone password

If you forgot the iPhone password and want to recover it then remember it is not that easy. We try our best to tell you the easiest way. There are three ways to recover your iPhone password

  • Through computer
  • By using iCloud
  • By erasing you phone data

What you need to do? Follow the Steps.

Recover iPhone password by connecting to the computer.

Recover iPhone password by connecting to the computer.

If you have ever used iTunes backup on your pc. Then you can easily again backup to your iPhone

  • Connect  your iPhone to the same Pc
  • When the management system of iPhone appears Select Restore
  • Then they will ask for iTunes account login information
  • Enter it you account that you always use while using iTunes
  • Now chose the backup an enter it
  • iTunes restore the data and setting
  • make sure that everything is set after the backup.

That’s it.

Use iCloud if you forget iPhone password

Apple gives the opportunity to its users that they can recover any kind of data through iCloud. If you have forgotten the iPhone password, or your phone has stolen. You can easily backup your lost data. Let me tell you how.

  • Log in to iCloud by using your iCloud account(Apple account that you always use).
  • Now click find my iPhone option. It will start searching.
Use i cloud if you forget iPhone password
  • When it complete searching press erase option
  • If will ask to confirm your command press erase
  • Your data will be removed
  • Now settle you iPhone as you probably do when you buy new iPhone
  • You can backup your all data though Icloud.

As we already told you that if before removing the data you had turn on backup then now you easily backup your removed data.

Recover your iPhone password by erasing data.

You can remove all your data without a password. Just follow the method.

  • Power off you iPhone first
  • Connect your iPhone with computer
  • Now click the power button+ up volume button+ home button at once
  • Click it until your iPhone doesn’t connect with iTunes
  • When your iPhone is connected with iTunes click restore button
  • Your data will be removed

Make sure that you are using the backup. If not then you will not be able to backup your data again. If then you will recover your iPhone password as well as all kind of data.

How to Change iPhone password

Using the iPhone is a little difficult when you are an android user and just brought the iPhone. Also you will first think about phone protection. but how to change the iPhone password?

  • Go to the iPhone settings
  • Click on your name and then password and security
  • They will ask you for the previous password enter it
  • Then enter your new password and reenter it
  • If you want to use fingerprint then enable it and click change password.


How to recover forgot iPhone password? I know you will be satisfied with this answer. If not they tell us why? Because we always try to find the easiest way of your problem. So stay tuned for more articles Also share with us how you forgot your password and which method do you use?

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