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It has become the trend of the 20th century that fitness lies in your workout routines. Every fancy and modern person is obliged to workout sessions and pieces of training. There is always a controversial talk on the benefits and risks a workout can give to a specific person with the rising hype. We are all looking for the right opinion that stands out. Training comes in different forms and types. From Zumba to bodyweight exercises, workout routines have no boundaries to variations.

Insanity Workout Online Profit and Risks

What is an insanity full workout?

Just like I stated above, types of workout routines are tremendous. One of the most so-called effective workout routines is the insanity workout. The Inventors of insanity workout, Beachbody says” “Turns old-school interval training on its head.” You will soon get what SHAUN T (first trainer of insanity workout online) is trying to say over here. Insanity full workout was primarily an old-school Zumba performed on steroids.

It evolved into a set of polymetric workouts of short and high-intensity training followed by a long rest period. Shaun t claimed this workout exercise to be trained at max intensity and max interval training, that is, one set of maximum activity for 5 minutes followed by max interval to catch your breath and repeat this set repeatedly so that your body can acclimatize and become healthy.

But what I want to discuss is, is it that simple as it sounds? Does it give the proposed effects? Or is it just an insane workout, as the word sounds? Let’s find out, so my approach of finding its uses is first to determine

What are the exercises done in an insanity full workout?

Insanity Workout Online Profit and Risks

One very significant feature of an insanity full workout is it’s no equipment or no weight lifting exercises, aerobic fitness training that uses your own body’s weight. You don’t need to lift dumbbells. Insanity full workout uses bodyweight. Perform at home through insanity workout online videos. Insanity workout videos consist of 10 insanity workout programs. With each of the sessions should be of 50 to 60 minutes, yes 1-hour exercise executed approx. Six days of the week and accomplished period of 60-day, yes two straight months to get desired effects.

Trainers advise before Insanity full workouts there should exist some muscle fitness in individual. So, in your start-up of workout routine sessions, do some light exercise preceded by insanity full workout. In the first months, you should also get fitness tests. These are some beginner-level fitness exercises at home;

  • For aerobic training: do running, jogging, cycling (more effective), or swimming (comparatively less effective)
  • For strength training: light weight lifting or resistance exercises
  • To increase joint and muscle flexibility: regular stretching sets, yoga, or tai chi.
  • To build up abdominal muscle strength: exercises which involve core muscles

Insanity full work out exercises:

For the training of specified muscles, specific sets of exercises are conducted. You can check the full methods of particular practices through the insanity workout download that provides trainers’ videos.

  • Training of shoulders, abs, glutes, and thighs; double diamond exercises 
  • Training of shoulders, abs, obliques, glutes, and thighs; stance jacks 
  • Training of abs, glutes, and thighs; hit the floor. 
  • Trainin of the abs, glutes, and thighs; power jump 

What are the benefits of an insanity full workout?

In 2009, the insanity workout video earned fame because people loved it and enjoyed it. 

  1. It works on arms, shoulders, abdominal (for 6 pack training), glutes
  2. It helps in pure cardio training and recovery through max interval period.
  • No equipment or no weight and no resistance bands required proves to be feasible and helps in-home workout routines.
  1. Challenge of 60 days program keeps you active.
  2. When could this workout be risky?

To answer this question, I am beginning through the people who are

  1. Unhealthy, by unhealthy, I mean are people with a heart disorder, knee pain, arthritis, blood pressure, and sugar issues, and most prominently, pregnant women are completely forbidden to this training.
  2. Then comes the beginners, got for a fitness test and then decide if you are fit for these exercises.
  • Insanity full workouts put a lot of pressure on the bodyweight; researchers in the 2018 review article mentioned that insanity workouts are as intense as lifting weights, so unhealthy, and individuals with a poor physical state should highly avoid this training.

What are insanity workout videos?

You can train yourself through the insanity workout online. The total body conditioning training is provided through insanity workout videos. As guided by professional trainer Shaun T, you can get insanity workout to download programs to do all the cardio and polymetric drills. These programs come with elite nutrition plans, a fitness calendar (to track your progress), and an insanity fitness guide to starting with. Insanity workout download program is a ten workout DVD set for long burst higher intensity training. You get the insanity workout download program, sign up and start your fitness journey.


Insanity full workout is not for beginners. It is just an improvement and better built of the fitness. For home, go for insanity workout online programs by Shaun T to easily avail yourself through Amazon. Do warm-ups and stretching before starting insanity workouts. Drink water in between intervals. If you think you are not medically fit, consult your doctor to get good advice and treatment if required. High-intensity workout routines could be the higher risk of joint and muscle injury. To avoid these injuries, accurate insanity workout online platforms should be consulted that provide a proper technique to perform the exercise.

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