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How to watch deleted YouTube videos

how to watch deleted YouTube videos
Written by Waleed khan

Most of the time, people want to search for a video that is deleted from YouTube. And they don’t know how to watch deleted YouTube videos. Are you one of them? Are you searching for a song, drama, or movie which is removed from YouTube? Oh, dear. Don’t be sad. Today we will show you how to See Deleted YouTube videos by applying some natural methods.

How to watch deleted YouTube videos

let’s make a situation. You are using a mobile phone or laptop and saw a fantastic video of your interest. But you were about going to gem, so in a rush, you click the “Watch later” button. After some time, when you came to the home, you think about watching that video. So, you open your YouTube, but now there is no video available. This occurs most of the time.


Why YouTube delete videos?

YouTube deletes lots of videos because people copy the same video and share it through their own YouTube channel, which is against the rule of YouTube. You can’t post the same content which is already available on YouTube. Because of this issue, YouTube delete lots of videos. Also, people remove their videos by themselves because of some fault, etc.

How to Find Deleted YouTube video?

It is possible to find deleted YouTube videos, but you have only two ways to see that video. What are these ways? Look most of the time, the video you like the most you save the link of that video. You can find the video through the link. You also have one more option if you still have the title of that video you can find it.

Find YouTube video by title

If you know the title of the video, you can easily find it. But how? Most of the time, people copy some kind of stuff and upload it on their channel. So, when the video deleted from the primary source, you can excess it through these small channels. Or you can also find it on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.

How to Watch youtube videos with URLs?

If you have the URL of the video, then this can be much easier for you because you can easily find the video through the link so early. Again, you are thinking about how? Relax

If you have the link to the video, then this site will help you a lot to find the video. Let me show you how.

  • Open your google chrome and search
  • You will see the search option there.

find youtube deleted video

  • Enter the URL of the deleted video
  • Then press the search option; it will start searching.
  • If the deleted video appears to recover it

Why I can’t find Deleted YouTube video

It is also likely that you will not see your desire video because sometimes YouTube deletes some videos permanently. But you should try maybe you find it.

If you notice other ways, let us know in a comment.

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