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How to Use 2021 updated WhatsApp Web Login on PC With Dark Mode

Written by Waleed khan

Are you looking for the tool to use WhatsApp on your PC and laptop? You are in the right place because we have to face these types of problems. Now we are able to share the experience and will discuss our main topic of how to “use whatsApp.web.login. “

Why we use WhatsApp on PC/laptop

Nowadays WhatsApp is very useful. People use it for daily chatting or calls. Also, people use it for video calls and use an amazing feature which is a conference all so all friends together can see and talk to each other. people use it for sharing pictures, locations, and can share the statuses and can see others also. Sometimes while working on PC/ laptop we need some documents from WhatsApp or we are tired of excessive use of phones so we want Whatsapp on PC.

Does WhatsApp web Show You Online

It shows us online status as well as last scene but when you minimize the tap it would n’t show us online. WhatsApp web login shows us all chats, statuses, we can send and receive messages.

Does it store data on PC/laptop

WhatsApp web will open each and everything for you. Then you can use it like you use on your phone. But one thing you have to download the data and then it will save in your PC/laptop. You can’t use it without download.

How to login to WhatsApp web

What you have to do is open any browser chrome or any other on your PC/laptop then go to the WhatsApp web or simply click the link then something will appear. See below

when it will completely loaded then a QR code will appear after that take your phone and open WhatsApp.

Then you will see three vertical dots near the search option as you can in a picture below.

You will see there will be five options

1: New group

2: New broadcast

3: WhatsApp Web

4: Starred messages

5: Settings

Click on the third option after clicking you will see your phone camera will open.

Just fix the camera to the QR code as shown below

So after these steps, your PC/laptop will connect and then you will see all your chats in your PC/laptop

Always Remember QR code change after sometime so if doesn’t work simply reload it .

Don’t turn off your phone internet

Main Requirements

1: Make sure your both laptop/PC and phone are connected with an internet connection.

2: Make sure your phone is updated with the latest version

3: Download documents or other stuff on a laptop/PC.

Does WhatsApp logout Automatically

This is the most important question because if you are thinking that it will automatically log out and it doesn’t anybody can use your account. So remember you have to logout from PC/laptop otherwise it will be login.

WhatsApp is now the most favorite app for most of the people and they use this for chats, calls sending pics, documents, and any kind of stuff. For excessive use of WhatsApp, the WhatsApp web is best so you can comfortably use it at your PC/laptop. And it is also easy to log in and easy to use try it and then tell us about your experience.

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