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How To Restore iPhone To Factory settings easily With Pictures?

How To Restore iPhone To Factory settings easily With Pictures?
Written by Waleed khan

 What if we restore function? An erase of your all information and data because of the factory restore of your iPhone, iPad and iPods. Most importantly sometimes we do not want to erase the past memories in pictures form and in data form. But the question is erased. how to restore an iPhone with a computer we are coming up with the best solutions for you.


How to backup iPhone?

Let you know the best ways to restore a new iPhone and also to the backup you need to reset features on your iPhone will repair those software problems. Nevertheless, all files on the computer will be removed. You can use MiniTool Mobile Recovery/ EaseUs MobiSaver recover iPhone data after factory settings have been restored.

There are many youngsters who use iPhones but having the questions in their hearts that can I use iPhone while backing up to iTunes? and some of the users are available who use other phones now if we want to have some extra functions like restoring, updating so according to this all which phone is more reliable after the research we came to know that,

Coming up with the most important common question people ask that?


Can you update iOS on iPhone whenever you want?

iPhone factory reset

There are many of the free softwares which can help the users to restore their pictures, contacts and message data.

Help! Data Loss after Restoring iPhone to Factory Settings!  All mobile phones have the Factory Reset feature to restore the device to factory settings that erase all media and data. Then the computer can be used as a new unit.

This setting is not an exception for the iPhone. Six reset solutions are available for iPhones. (See the picture below)

How To Restore iPhone To Factory settings easily With Pictures?

Why are you looking for this feature?

Typically, restoring the iPhone to factory settings is an effective way to protect your privacy or to restore the iPhone from being stuck.

While the reset option is helpful, all data on your iPhone will be deleted. And you may want to find an effective way to recover this after you restore it to your factory settings while sensitive data is stored on your iPhone.

Note: Please select “Recover from iTunes Backup” or “Recover from iCloud Backup” for data loss due to factory resetting;


Steps for iPhone data recovery after factory settings are restored


Reading the introduction on their official website, I learned that EaseUS MobiSaver is a professional data recovery software designed to help users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch get lost files back. First, after restoring factory settings, I would like to share the thorough steps as to how I recovered my iPhone data.

Step 1. Choose an iTunes Backup to extract

Start EaseUS MobiSaver and select your iPhone’s iTunes Backup that you want to extract in “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode, then click “Start” to continue. Next, the app searches the iTunes Backup easily to locate your missing files.

How To Restore iPhone To Factory settings easily With Pictures?

Step 2. Preview and retrieve iPhone data after factory reset

EaseUS MobiSaver can locate all of the missing files in iTunes Backup with a complete search. You can preview the appropriate ones, and select them. To export them to your computer, finally, press “Recover”

How To Restore iPhone To Factory settings easily With Pictures?

Now, only choose the most suitable way after a factory reset to retrieve iPhone data. You should do exactly that! Just give it a try!

As you can see in the software ‘s main window, you can choose “Recover from iCloud Backup,” if you have one, to extract missing data from backup. Here you can pick any form of data loss to your iPhone (not just photos) to execute the recovery function.

This is it. Recovering iPhone data conveniently and quickly after resetting to factory settings.

Another method for iPhone factory reset?

Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup after Factory Reset

This way, all your existing iPhone files will also be deleted. You have to take these steps to this jog:

Step 1. Open iTunes on your iPhone or on your computer, and then connect your iPhone to the Mac or PC with a USB cable. Open iTunes. Enable this machine to trust your iPhone. You can enter a message if you have identified your iPhone passcode. Just enter. Just join them.

Step 2. If iTunes recognizes your iPhone, pick it. Click Backup Restore in iTunes. Then pick the backup file to be retrieved. For your decision, there are dates and sizes of each backup.

How To Restore iPhone To Factory settings easily With Pictures

Phase 3. Click Reset and then operation reset starts. To ensure that you sync with your device, keep your iPhone linked to iTunes. When the sync is complete, remove them.

How To Restore iPhone To Factory settings easily With Pictures

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Icloud, backup and restore is possible from the above all scenarios do follow them and save your memories of pictures and personal data.


Can I use backups for local iTunes rather than iCloud backups?

There are also some questions raised about how to check if i tunes backed up iPhone? Through supporting iCloud or ios, you can copy and save the data on your iPhone or iPad, and explore the discrepancies between ios and iCloud in our knowledge base more in-depth. Check out this as we’re explaining how your iOS computer is backed up.

That is how iOS iTunes backup data without iTunes — or the iOS device itself can be restored.


What’s in an iOS backup?

To let you know, iPhone backup and restore, iOS backup contents differ according to whether they are encrypted, locally generated (with iTunes or MacOS), or saved in iCloud.

The most commonly available contacts, documents, images, calendar, emails, etc. We have a concise summary of what’s in an iTunes backup and what isn’t.


Can I restore one iOS version backup to a different one? Can you convert iTunes backup versions?


How to restore iPhone to factory settings?  Can I restore one iOS version backup to a different one?

What if your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can not be restored?

During the iCloud backup and restore, You can uninstall your iOS or iPadOS system and then use your computer to restore it.

You may need to use recovery mode for restoring your device in these situations:

You do not notice your system in your monitor or it says it is in recovery mode.

If your screen stays several minutes in the Apple logo without a progress bar.

You can see the screen for recovery mode.



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