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How To Repair Windows 10 in [2022]

repair windows 10
Written by Waleed khan

Similarly, i m one of them who has to solve many of the window 10 issues by myself so that’s why  I m pretty much sure that you are in trouble because the system is not working acceptably. And does it start freezing? or lagging? Or does it bring you to the login page? or you can be in trouble throughout the booting window operating system you may be thinking about How to Repair Windows 10. relax man!  We are here to solve your problem.

So grab some drinks or dry fruits for yourself and sit comfortably.

Sometimes the problem with window 10 is that it doesn’t work in a stable mood the main cause is that programs malfunction with themselves which is why window 10 is not working properly. But don’t worry we will guide you every step on How To Repair Windows 10 operating system.

Why Windows 10 is not working properly?

So maybe there can be a lot of issues because of which Windows 10 doesn’t work clean. Possibly drivers of the software are not updated and they might be not communicated with hardware and maybe programs have malfunctioned with internal private system files.

 Cool! Don’t lose your temper because of this cheap issue we are here to solve all issues and give you relief.

How To Repair Windows 10

We had practised many tutorials on how to repair Windows 10. Which will help you? Don’t go for the second option if the initial works.

Without misusing time we should start.

There are two methods for you

Method 1: Use DISM and SFC Tool:

So if you’re looking for windows repair tool windows 10, here are some tips!

  1. whether your program doesn’t work acceptably and keeps freezing you should run the DISM scanner. DISM scanner finds problems naturally and solves it as well.
  2. As you are using the DISM scanner for the initial time then you have to learn how to use it.
  3. Just click Window+R keys and then type CDM and hit the enter key.
  4. And then elevated command prompt appears and now here you have to enter the needed command to scan.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehelth

SFC /scannow

5. After entering the command the scanner will start scanning and if it finds any issue it will solve it by itself.

TIP: if your system is always creating bugs there can  be an issue with drivers so reinstall the driver and I will work properly

Method 2: Use Window Startup Repair Window 10 tool

One more problem that the people are facing is that window 10 is not booting properly and got stopped. Therefore, what you need to do is to repair it from the BIOS setting in which you also need windows bootable USB.

How to Do? Here are some steps for repair

  •  Simply make a window bootable drive.
  • When a bootable drive is created now restart your PC/laptop.
  •  This process will bring you to window 10 installers.
When a bootable drive is created now restart your PC/laptop.
  •  After selecting the language and then hit Next window 10 repairs.
  •  The two options appear Install now and repair the computer.
  •  Hit Repair the computer.
  •  Then a picture will be shown to you as troubleshoot press it.


  • Then click Advanced options.
  •  After these steps, you need a startup repair tool then open window 10 startup Repair.
  • Hit your OS and then the tool will naturally start repair.
  • Then restart the system to see whether the problem still exists or not.

Method 3: Reset Your Window 10

One more headache is that many people want those drivers and software which are neat and clean not so rough. So don’t make it difficult for yourself by full installing because window 10 gives you a lot of features. It gives you the feature that can make the system simple again as it was before when you didn’t install any software. The name of the feature is a built-in reset feature. And if you give your system to another person resetting will make you feel comfortable.

So this is the solution to your problems. After these solutions, if the problem still arises then there must a serious problem. Maybe the OS is corrupted if this problem exists then reinstall the overall operating system.

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Is Windows 10 repair tool free?

Free windows 10 repair tool 

Yes, Windows 10 repair tool is completely free of cost. This is another free and useful Windows 10 repair tool you can use to fix numerous Windows 10 issues.

How do I repair Windows 10 without losing data and apps?

 Repair Windows 10 without losing data and apps

Ensure that Windows 10 Home/Pro is selected along with the Keep my data and installed apps option. If not, select the Change what to keep the link and select Keep my data and installed apps to fix your Windows 10 install without losing your data or installed apps.


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