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How to move steam games to another drive easily?

How to move steam games to another drive easily?
Written by Waleed khan

Steam is an online platform that was developed as a stand-alone app for a unique gaming experience. In the beginning, it was developed only for valve games and their game updates. Then by the passage of time, they expanded its structure for third party games. It’s a platform for a better gaming experience with users’ chat and voice options. You can download free and paid both types of games from here. In no time, it gets reputed among people who are fond of gaming but with extreme features, they also suffer from some problems.

How to move steam games to another drive easily?

Mostly, the complaint of users is how to move steam games to another drive or library. So, taking into consideration many people also suggests several solutions for this issue. Actually, this is not a problem but can prevent you from downloading new games. So, there are three solutions for your issue of how to move steam games to another library or drive.  We should start with the easiest method among all these. So, follow these steps to get uninterrupted gaming experience.

Method 1

  • Most of the gamers know this method. Because we all do copy pasting of many things on our PC or Mac.
  • Go to c:/ drive and open the programs folder.
  • Now scroll down and find a folder named steam.

How to move steam games to another drive easily

  • Right-click on it and select Copy in the drop-down or use ctrl+c command.
  • Now go back and select any of your drives. Where you want to move your steam games.
  • Simply paste or use the ctrl+v command.
  • Open the steam folder and run the executable file named by steam.exe
  • Now run this application and see if there is no issue of running games.

This method mostly works for all games not only for steam. Because all root files are copied to another destination. Somehow, if your steam doesn’t work properly then try another method to move steam games from the default library to another drive.

Method 2

Steam is designed in such a user-friendly interface that all features are accessible for anyone. So try this method step by step and it would surely be helpful for you in this issue.

  • Open steam application.
  • Right-click on any game and select properties.

How to move steam games to another drive easily

  • Now click on local files in the main toolbar.
  • Here locate the move install folder and click on it.
  • It will show a small box with the selection option of the library or drives.
  • Press on it and select any drive which you want then press start moving or move the folder.
  • It will start moving your game into your selected drive.

This method is also easy but it would move all your games one by one. In addition, you have to select a game and then repeat this whole process to move it into another drive. Surely it would be time taking and no one wants to waste his or her whole day in moving games. Because games are of high storage space. So, steam also has introduced another method for moving all games at a time. Follow this method to solve your issue of how to move steam games from the default library to another drive easily. In this method, you can also add another library to download games and install. Steam has an option of multiple drives at the same time. So you can also add another library with the option same in that menu. It would also save your time for instead of moving games create an extra library.

Method 3

In this method, first, you have to install an application SLM or steam library manager. This application would help you to move your all games from the default library to another drive. It can also be used to monitor your game speed or other functions. So follow these steps for moving your games successfully.

  • Download SLM from its the official site.
  • Install and launch the application.
  • Here it will show all drives which contain installed games.
  • Select any of your libraries from which you want to move your games.

How to move steam games to another drive easily

  • Simply select all games you want to move and drag them to your targeted drive.
  • Now navigate the option of the task manager.
  • Press on repeat movement and then click on start.
  • Here it will start moving all games to your targeted drive with processing at the bottom.

The process might take some time to move all games. Because games are of high space but surely they could solve your problem. In this method, you can also perform further functionalities. But always all of us require some guide to perform these tasks. So, this article is going to help you with your all issues regarding steam.


To enjoy this reliable gaming platform you must be aware of its use. It’s not too complex to manage your games in it. It’s simple like any other simulator or as a blue tack. This is the same as the game store for windows. So, I would suggest selecting that library which already contains enough space. All applications that we install select C drive as a default storage area. But also there is an option to change the library. Most of us ignore that step and at the end face this issue. So, before installing steam select your enough storage drive. I would suggest you select SSD Drive for your gaming. Because it is faster than HDD and consumes less time for loading games than HDD.

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Does steam have an option for payment methods to buy paid games?

Yes, steam has payment method options with some payment mediums like a credit card, visa card, master card etc. it’s also a secure medium to transfer your money for buying games.

Does steam and steam library manager run mac and PC both?

Yes, steam has developed it’s both applications for pc and mac os. You can download these applications from the official site of steam. There, they clearly mentioned running criteria and system specifications with data MBs. So, download and enjoy an amazing gaming platform.

Do paid games save into storage after the deletion or misbehaving of steam applications?

You shouldn’t worry about your paid games. All games are stored in your selected library when you install them. So, if it is misbehaving then you can reinstall or update it without any loss of game.


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