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How to hack an Instagram Account?

How to hack instagram Account_
Written by Waleed khan

Have you wondered how to hack an Instagram account? But haven’t understood how to hack an Instagram account? Instagram is the world trending social media platform. It has approximately 5 million active users daily. The reason behind its trendy tags and growing users is that: it provides an attractive user interface with quality image filters and beauty options. That’s why the world’s elite class is using Instagram for their brand promotion and personal use as well. Somehow, there are many other facts due to people are getting annoyed.

How to hack an Instagram Account of someone?

The first factor of people’s complain is consuming data/MBS. As Instagram is designed to support quality graphics, so it costs extra fast consumption of MBS. The second factor of people’s complaints is that it’s less security system. However, Facebook is more secure than it. According to some research, Instagram’s CEO paid approximately 200000 million $ to security researchers to find out security threats. First thing I want to clear that, this article is only for educational purposes. No personal dangers or advice mentioned to hack someone’s account.

Following are the methods to break password or hack Instagram account;

  1. Keylogger
  2. Via phishing
  3. Truth spy
  4. Insta hack PC software
  5. Online Instagram hacking sites
  6. Via Termux

So, first of all, make sure that you have enough data to hack someone’s Account. Sometimes we forget our own password and want to regain it. Or maybe someone wants to keep an eye on their children’s activities. Reasons may vary for different people but the purpose is the same for all. So, follow our step to step guide to hack Instagram account.

  • Keylogger

Keylogger is not the name of an app. It’s a word or you may say that it’s a keyword for the app. Many developers have developed their keylogger apps. These apps can be very beneficial to you.

How to hack instagram
Via phishingKeylogger automatically saves all passwords and data entered for an account. So, if you forget your password and wants to recover or wants to hack someone’s account, just install keylogger all in his or her phone and see the magic. All entered information would be saved in the keylogger even after removing that account from that device. But it may not fulfil your need as it can be traced if someone knows about it’s working. So, let’s move toward the next method.

Phishing is the most common method which is using nowadays to hack someone’s account. Either he/she is using Facebook or Instagram can be hacked through this method. So, follow these easy steps to do phishing;

  • Search for online free hosting sites.
  • Be careful in selecting any website, because some are full of inappropriate ads and content.
  • When you have selected a website for hosting, log in with your mail-id.

How to hack instagram

  • There you will find a full menu categorized by name password etc.
  • Now search for creating a phishing page for Instagram.

How to hack instagram

  • You don’t need to do coding. There are online websites that will help you to create a page similar to the Instagram login page.
  • Now when your page is ready here you will have to do some short working steps.
  • Add an attractive image or video screenshot to get attention to that user. Also, add some article type thing so that your victim may get attracted and click on that link.
  • Now, here a step comes to URL shorteners.
  • Copy that link on which page you are creating a customized phishing page.
  • Paste the link into hosting websites URL shortener. Now click on generate URL.
  • Wait for a minute and your link is ready to act. Send that link to your target and force him or her to click it.
  • Chill your target is achieved and visit that hosting site for passwords and other data.

This method may be time-consuming but there are 80% chances to hack Instagram account. And if you don’t want to try this one then here is another method which is also easier.

  • The Truth Spy app

Truth spy is the most popular app for tracking all activities of anyone’s mobile phone. It’s not only useful for hacking someone’s account but also for all activities like messaging, pics, etc. So, what to do with this app, follow these steps;

  • Search for truth spy apk and install it into victims’ phones.
  • It’s a cunning method and you should be very careful during this method.
  • In no more than 5 minutes set your account in that device app.
  • Now, you can uninstall the app. It will do his duty very well that the user would not be aware of this act.
  • Now, go to truth spy official site and set up that account which you used in that device.
  • Here you will get all info which your victim would enter in his device.

This method would be beneficial for you without being traced to you. And if it is not useful for you then try this one.

  • Insta

This software can be downloaded from any website. Just install the app into your PC and launch it. Then there would be an interface asking for the username of the target.

How to hack instagram

Just enter the victim’s username and press hack. In few minutes results would be at your screen. But not sure that the results would be accurate 100%. So, here is another method.

  • Online Instagram hacking sites

There are many online Instagram hacking sites. Search for hack Instagram online and select any of website.

How to hack instagram
Via TermuxThe interface of All websites is approximately the same. But some of them may result accurately and some not. So first try upper described methods.

Termux is also a wonderful app that acts as a jailbreaker and has many features. It can hack any of your software or application with coding.


How to hack instagram
The main factor of it’s less usage is that it requires coding for the whole process. And it can only be used by those who know to code.

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All these methods are useful for hacking Instagram. But phishing and termux is the most effective way to hack Instagram. Although they are a little bit tough but are effective for this purpose. If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to ask in the comments.


  1. Is turmux can be installed without rooting the device?

No, it won’t work properly if your device is not rooted. So, make sure that your device is rooted to get the best results.

  1. Can the phishing method hack our own data?

There are rare chances for this action. It may happen when you by own click on that link which you created. But your data would be restored until you enter on that page.


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