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How to Fix Tumblr Safe Mode Won’t Turn Off

Written by Waleed khan

If you are facing this issue Tumblr Safe Mode Won’t Turn Off then worry not because most of the people are facing this problem. We are here to help you with that problem because here we will show you how to Fix Tumblr Safe Mode Won’t turn off.

The main culture is Tumblr. Many users post images, videos, and ideas and some users can still share NSFW content without any difficulties before Tumblr agreed to ban such content mostly because Apple removed from the shop from its applications.

The reason why you cannot turn off safe mode in Tumblr is because it has been deleted completely and no one can turn it on or off anymore. In addition to safe mode, a number of blogs and content that were highly sensitive to social networks were removed.

How to Fix Tumblr Safe Mode Don’t Turn Off

As I said at the outset, Tumblr is no longer stable, but NSFW content in Tumblr cannot be permanently accessed. For blogs with sensitive content, the safety mode has been changed to blocked mode, so you only need to take other measures to access this blog.

Turn off Safe mode on Desktop

If you want to view NSFW content on your desktop, you should take these simple measures:

  • You must first open your chosen tab and access the Tumblr site.
  • Sign in and type your address and username. You can also log in by using the email link.
  • You will now turn to the unlike normal message, so please try again to see the safe mode
  • This Tumblr will contain classified information and you can see that on the Protection Mode tab. You can see a response. Click on the button “Go to My Dashboard”

  • As you can see, you will be directed to the homepage, but this time, you will see a message explaining the same content as the previous page, then hit the “Show this Tumblr” button.

  • You can now browse through the articles on that blog and thus deactivate secure Tumblr mode

View Safe Mode Hidden Content

You can visit and watch your favorite blogs every day, but now you can see a note in some posts saying: Hey! This article may contain adult content.

Well, the message is simple and advises you to see this material again, but actually, you can see it if you want to use an external page.

  • Open the Tumbex website.
  • You have to type the blog name on this webpage and click on the button to search.
  • You can now access the results and the “Safe Search” button. To delete it, press the button “Reload” to refresh the result with the content removed.

  • Tap on the blog you did not see before and now you will see it all without limitations.
  • This can also be achieved on any operating system using a smartphone (such as Android or iOS). You need to go to the Tumbex website just to enter your web browser.

Restoro PC repair Tool:

To get rid of “Tumblr Safe Mode won’t turn off,” we recommend you install the restoro PC repair tool. This software will either remove or fix the most common errors of your computer. Restoro PC repair tool helps protect you from files loss, hardware, and malware errors and optimize your computer to get maximum performance.

If you are worried that where you could download and install this app on your computer, you should worry no more because we will show you how it’s done.

How to install Restoro PC repair Tool:

By following these three steps, you can install the Restoro PC repair tool on your PC in no time.

  • Navigate to a web browser and search for restoro PC repair tool.
  • Once you click on the app, it will start the installing process, and you can see the shortcut on your desktop screen.

By doing these simple three steps, you can get restoro on your PC.


While Tumblr was a free community for some time now, the rules have updated and some contents were banned and even the protected mode has been disabled. You will find the best ways in this article to fix the Tumblr Safe Mode Won’t Turn Off. Here we have also talked about the restore a fine PC repair tool that will fix the common problems of your PC. Restore PC repair tool helps protect you from file loss, hardware, and malware errors and optimize your computer to get maximum performance. So we strongly recommend you install and download this tool to fix the common problems of your PC.

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Q1. Can we download Restoro PC repair Tool for free?

Yes, Restoro is free to download the app you can download it easily through your browser.

Q2. Is this the only method to fix the Tumblr Safe Mode Won’t Turn Off?

No, there are many different ways through which you can fix the problem but these methods are best for fixing this issue on your PC.

Q3. Does PC repair tool works on 2 GB RAM?

Yes, this software takes less space to download and it will fix the common issues of your com

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