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How to fix Razer synapse not opening In 2 minutes

Written by Waleed khan

If you are looking for a way to fix Razer synapse not opening then worry not because this is most common error that almost everybody gets. Here we can teach you the right strategies for How to repair Razer synapse not opening.

Razer Synapse is our special configuration program that can relink controls or delegate macros to any of the peripherals in Razer, and all configurations are saved to the cloud automatically. You no longer have to install a bulky computer while you take part in a LAN party or session because you can drag it out of the cloud and immediately own it.

How to fix Razer synapse not opening:

Reinstall Razer Synapse and Razer device drivers

If your PC doesn’t run Razer Synapse, your Razer system driver may be the problem.

Please note that you must use third-party uninstaller software like Revo Uninstaller to completely uninstall Synapse to ensure there are no files left. Razer and Synapse driver can now be reinstalled:

  • Right-click Start and only select the manager to open the window below the snapshot.

  • Double-click on the System Management Window of the groups Mice and other pointsers, Keyboards and User Interface Applications.

  • Click the “Uninstall device” option in its context menu, and all Razer devices in these categories are listed.
  • Pick the Uninstall System Driver option in the pop-up dialog window for each Razer device.
  • To validate, press “Uninstall”

  • Unplug a few minutes on all Razer connected computers.
  • Then restart your desktop or machine.
  • After restarting Windows, restart your Razer computer. The system driver is reinstalled automatically by Windows.
  • This website includes a download of Razer Synapse’s latest software. Then reinstall Razer Synapse with its Configuration Wizard.

Don’t Install Razer Surround With Synapse

The Razer Surround can be a concern if Razer synapses are frozen or failing to open. You should uninstall Razer Surround after downloading the app, if you have reinstalled Synapse as shown above.

With Synapse connected to the Internet, you must cancel the function and upgrade the functionality. After configuration, press the Razer Surround message and pick Uninstall. You can then upgrade and reset synapse on Windows.

Alternatively, Razer Surround may be uninstalled (if installed). Take the following procedures to achieve this:

  • Open Execute with the hotkey.

  • To delete it from Screens, pick Razer Surround and press Uninstall.

Install the Latest Microsoft .NET Framework

NET Framework is a precondition for Razer Synapse. Razer Synapse 3 cannot open if NET Framework is not installed. You may have to update the newest edition of the.NET Synapse 3.0 framework if you have an older .NET Framework version installed.

NET Framework 4.7.2 Download the new version of the NET System installation wizard on this page. You will then open the installer and connect to Windows the new version of the.NET System.

Turn Off Third-Party Antivirus/ Windows Defender Firewall

Switching off antivirus software and firewall from third parties could repair Razer Synapse.

You can briefly disable this by choosing the disable option for most third party antivirus software in the device tray icon context menu. To turn off the Windows Protector Firewall, please use the following instructions.

  • To open the Run shortcut, press Windows key+R.
  • During the procedure enter firewall.cpl, and then press OK. This opens immediately below the Windows Protector Firewall Control Panel applet.

  • To open the options below, press on and off Windows Protector Firewall.

  • Then on the Radio Button “Turn off Windows Defender Firewall” then press on “OK”.

Close Razer Processes

Any Synapse users guaranteed that closing the Razer process before beginning Synapse 3.0 would help if Razer Synapse doesn’t function correctly. Take the following procedures to achieve this:

  • Click right on the taskbar and pick Task Manager.
  • Then pick some Razer process in the Context Processes, and press Finish to complete the job.
  • After that, close the task manager; and run Synapse as administrator.

Check for Windows Updates

If Razer Synapse cannot open, Windows Update may help as well. Unless you have adjusted Windows Update settings, updates are usually automatic, but you might still miss some updates. You can follow the steps below to check for updates in Windows 10:

  • Open the Cortana app by clicking the button Type search here on the Windows 10 taskbar.

  • Enter keyword update in Cortana’s search box.
  • Then click Check for Cortana updates to open the window shown directly below.
  • To see if any updates are available, please press the Search for Updates button here.
  • After Windows upgrade, restart the operating system.


Here we have talked about some of the best ways through which you can fix Razer Synapse not opening and if you have other common problems on your computer then we will recommend you to download and install Restoro PC repair tool which will surely fix the common problems of your PC. Hope this article will help you to fix the problem in no time.

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Q1. Where can we download the Restoro PC repair tool?

This powerful web browser repair tool can be downloaded and installed from a web browser. You can uninstall typical errors from your PC using this program.

Q2. Do we need a heavy space to download the PC repair tool?

No, you won’t need the heavy space to download this repair tool.

Q3: can closing third-party antivirus help to fix the problem?

Yes, closing third-party apps will surely help you fix the problem.

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