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How to Fix PS5 120Hz When it Doesn’t Work

Written by Waleed khan

We all know that the Ps5, a gaming machine, can run high resolution and beautiful games smoothly and on a high definition (HD) screen.

Some people always ask, “Is it good to run a Ps5 on 120Hz?” Of course, you are curious to know the secrets. 

As we all are well aware of the fact that there have been issues with few modern monitors being able to achieve 120hz on the Playstation 5 even though many are capable. The fact is that it works great and smoothly because of its capability of 120Hz output.

So before going towards breaking down the information first make sure that your TV is capable of 120Hz output then it’s easy to increase the refresh rate to 120Hz.

NOTE: It is important to note that only a limited number of games can run at 120 FPS. It is important to remember that the default UI is set to 60 FPS. Therefore, test it first to see if it can run at 120Hz in the first place.

Here you will learn how to fix 120Hz in Ps5 through the following steps.

  • Enabling Through Performance Mode
  • How to Allow 120Hz on PS5
  • Fixing 120Hz in PS5 Games
  • Importance Of HDMI 2.0 For Applying 120Hz 


Enabling Through Performance Mode

The performance mode is mandatory to be enabled to run your Ps5 console on 120Hz output. And if for some reason it is not enabled then your console screens will turn grey’s out in-game settings.

On the default mode of 60MHz, the console never runs smoothly as compared to the performance mode of 120MHz.So before you experience clear graphics and smooth gameplay on your console you must enable the performance mode for best results. 

Done with enabling it? Great. Now it’s time to check out how you can allow 120Hz on PS5.

How to Allow 120Hz on PS5

When you start to enable 120Hz on your Ps5  click on the settings on the top right corner of the home screen. Click on the “screen and video” and then head towards ‘Video Output’. From there you can choose to enable or disable 120Hz output under the ‘Enable 120Hz Output’ option.

The surety must double-check that your machine is capable of outputting 120Hz and an HDMI 2.1 in the video output requirements. In the given information for the connected HDMI device, you will find 120Hz in the list of refresh rates. In case the refresh rate is not showing 120Hz then currently your device is unsupported for 120Hz.

Few games that currently support a 120Hz output are Destiny 2, Borderlands, Doom Eternals, and Call of duty. Moreover, there are still some games that are supported by 120Hz video output.

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Fixing 120Hz in PS5 Games

Here are some steps to go through and enable the 120Hz output In Ps5 console. Let’s break it all out, step by step.

  1. Heading  Towards PS5 Settings On the top right corner it can be easily found. A gear-like icon, click on it and a menu will appear. 
  1. Move towards the next menu, scroll down to “screen and video” – you will find the option in the down list easily.

.3. Heading towards another option where you can scroll to “Enable 120Hz Output” and put it switched to “automatic” rather than “off”

Importance Of HDMI 2.0 For Applying 120Hz 

HDMI 2.0

The HDMI 1.4 standard is causing a lot of discussions. In theory, HDMI 1.4 supports 120Hz. In practice, however, many gamers noticed they could not get 120FPS with an HDMI 1.4 connection. As a quick reminder, HDMI 1.4 was first released in 2009. Nowadays, most monitors support HDMI 2.0 or better.

Now You Can Change Your PS5 Hz Rate

The PS5 is a fantastic console for those who were able to get 120Hz output to get their hands on one. Though Sony could improve it in many ways, it is still a ton of fun to play when Knowing the steps of fixing 120Hz output on your console. 

The loading times are exponentially faster, and the graphics are insanely good. In addition to enabling a 60Hz output, the PS5 also has a lot of other goodies to offer. While making sure that 60Hz is the default output of every console.


Q.1 Why is 120Hz not working on the PS5?

Ans: In Screen and Video settings, go to Video Output > Video Output Information and find out what refresh rates your device can support. If you don’t see 120Hz listed, it doesn’t currently support a 120Hz refresh rate.

Q.2 Can the PS5 run 120Hz?

Ans. The PS5 console supports HDMI 2.0 and supports 120Hz video output and this can be easily done through a few steps.

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