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How to fix MacBook pro camera not working?

How to fix MacBook pro camera not working_
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Mostly, laptop users know that there is a FaceTime or webcam to make video calls, live meetings, etc. Same as that Mac book, mac pro, etc., comes with the latest HD webcam which we use to call as FaceTime. You can use it to make your video calls, meetings, etc. Simple laptops have an additional app to handle the working of their webcam.

But Mac OS or Mac book doesn’t have any additional app to handle it’s FaceTime cam and you may have to find the solution to “how do I activate the camera on my MacBook pro?”

How to fix MacBook pro camera not working

How to fix MacBook Pro camera not working?

When we start using our Mac book or Mac OS  webcam starts flashing a tiny light on the exact right side of the cam. It represents its normal working but as all apps are loaded, you may have to face the issue of “How to fix Macbook pro camera not working”. Possible reasons behind this issue can vary from system to system. The main reason for the improper working of face time is the usage of Webcam on more than two applications at the same time. MacBook Pro or any other Mac system’s Webcam could be used only at a single application at a time. Mostly, applications like skype, zoom, FaceTime, or other applications start using your Webcam when the Mac is turned on. Then users mostly search for the “Mac camera not working Zoom“.

The second reason behind the error message of “There is no connected camera” is that you might have not updated the software of your Mac OS or Mac book pro. Keeping updated your system always prevents you from an issue like this.

This is not the only issue that could be solved by software or techniques used by several users. It may show this error message due to any hardware issue. So, follow these methods for the resolution of your problem if your hardware is properly performing.

  1. Restarting/checking for update

Mostly restarting your Mac could resolve your issue. Because sometimes You didn’t give permissions to an app that uses a webcam. So, by restarting or rebooting your problem may be resolved. Follow steps to restart your Mac;

  • Navigate the button with the Apple icon.
  • Click on it and check for the option restarting.
  • Press the restarting option and wait until your mac is restarted.
  • Check again your webcam, either the issue of “how to fix Macbook pro camera not working” resolved.

It doesn’t work for you, then don’t worry. It may be happening due to the old software version which could result in misbehaviour of apps. So, to update your mac’s software follow these steps;

How to fix MacBook pro camera not working

  • If both of these two options don’t solve your problem of “How to fix Macbook pro camera not working” then take patience and move forward. The whole article is for your help regarding your issue. We care for our readers how it is bad to face this the issue exactly at the working time? So, follow this method and hopefully, your issue would be resolved.Go to the setting of your mac book or mac os.
  • Scroll down and navigate the option with a check for software updates.
  • There may be a sub-menu then check for about device or system and check for that option.
  • Simply just click on it and wait until it checks for the update.
  • Update your software with the prescribed version by Mac book or mac pro etc.
  • After updating restart your Mac with the upper described process and check if the issue is resolved.
  1. Closing apps that use permissions

As we already described the reason that causes its improper working. So, to deny all the permissions and closing apps would definitely solve your problem. Follow these steps to perform the task;

  • Open your application terminal.
  • Check for utilities and then run a command and type “sudo killall VDCAssistant” and press the enter button.
  • If it requires your administration password then enter the password.

How to fix MacBook pro camera not working

  • Wait until your mac is restarted and check for the webcam again either the issue persists.
  • Hopefully, it would be resolved.

If you face the problem of “Sudo killall VDCAssistant” not working and you find all the above methods useless to solve your problem. Then clarify that your webcam might have this problem with the specific app. To simply get rid of this issue is to reinstall that application and run it. Hopefully, your issue “how to fix Macbook pro camera not working” would be resolved. Here is another method for the resolution of your problem regarding built-in webcam.

  1. Resetting SMC of Mac

To reset SMC of your mac might solve your issue and this is also easier to perform. There is no complexity in any of the methods we described. So follow these steps to reset your SMC;

  • Check if your mac is turned off properly and the plug is attached.
  • Don’t turn it on and press the Shift+Control+Options keys.
  • Wait for a minimum interval of 7 seconds of pressing these keys and turn on your mac.
  • During it’s on process don’t leave the pressure on keys.
  • Make strongly pressed these keys until 30 seconds of interval passed.
  • Then checked for the issue after restarting if it is resolved.

Resting SMC could solve your issue properly. But you may face the issue as I already mention that there might be the issue of hardware.

In that case, if the issue of ” How to fix MacBook Pro camera not working” is not solved with all upper methods then surely it might be the issue of hardware. Make sure that you are applying these methods to the built-in FaceTime of Mac book, mac os, mac pro, etc. Then to solve the issue of hardware you should contact Apple support. They will surely guide you on-call services. And if you want to book an appointment to check your mac then it may take some time to reach you by their team.

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It’s a reality that we all faces such issues during our usage of devices like mac book, mac os, etc. But to always prevent these issues, you might keep updated your system. Always check and read before giving permission to any app. These precautionary measures would help you to prevent the issue “how to fix MacBook pro camera not working“. There is also much software that helps to solve all software related issues of mac. This software comes in a variety of mac versions and with a 7-day free trial. Later on, you may need to purchase the app. To find this app you may need to search as “MacBook Pro camera not working 2020“.


Would it remove my apple id if I reset the SMC?

No, don’t worry it wouldn’t reset your apple id or cloud id. It just makes the initial processing of running apps to resolve their proper performance. It never takes any interfere in the apple id or iCloud.

How much time does it take to reach the apple customer support?

It is not clarified how much time it would take. But somehow it may take 2 to 3 days in approaching you after receiving your help request.

How much it costs for purchasing an app?

In the app, purchasing and method could vary from app to app. It’s up to you either you purchase a monthly subscription or yearly.


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