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How To Fix Failed To Obtain IP-Address

How To Fix Failed To Obtain IP-Address
Written by Waleed khan

We all know if we are dependent on mobile data to access the internet, it can cost a great deal, and we can counter some massive bills which we would not forget. The usage of Wi-Fi networks appears to be more budget-friendly and usually a stable and faster internet connection. Now the most important thing is whenever and why such things occur when your electronic gadget denies connecting to Wi-Fi networks?

It usually happens like this: you get your Wi-Fi open, or you are trying to get connected to     Wi-Fi/hotspot, and after inserting the credentials, you will be witnessing a message that pops out “Obtaining IP address”  “Obtaining IP address from Your Network “or “Connecting.”. The main issue is it goes repeatedly, and afterwards, it shows unable to obtain  IP address. In, the end you won’t be able to connect to the internet source.


Why Am I Facing This “Failed To Obtain IP Address” Issue?

Why Am I Facing This “Failed To Obtain IP Address” Issue

Why Am I Facing This “Failed To Obtain IP Address” Issue

The “Failed to obtain IP address” issue pops up when using a Wi-Fi network, whether your device is new to it or one you have it saved on your electronic device. This error notification means the router is not able to allow an IP address to your device. Until the issue has not been resolved, the user cannot use the internet using that particular Wi-Fi network.

How Can You Counter This Problem?

It can’t be exactly determined why we are facing this, but there are few tricks to get this issue resolved.

Rename your Android device

We have no idea how this can be much of a work, but many users say it resolves the problem. It won’t take much time, so you can go for it.

  • Go into the settings.
  • Choose the phone.
  • Click on the device’s name.
  • Go for a different name whatever you wish for and press “OK.”
  • Try again to re-establish a connection to the router.

Turn Airplane mode on and off.

Turn Airplane mode on and off.

Turn Airplane mode on and off.

Applying this makes the router to re-establish and reconstruct your connection. Open the airplane made for a little period and then turn it back on.

Forget network

This method also turns out to be more helpful, and it will most probably work for you. There are a few steps, and you will see your problems would have vanished

  • Go to the Settings app and open it
  • Choose the network & internet.
  • Choose Wi-Fi.
  • Press on the network slightly for a few seconds that you aren’t able to connect to.
  • Then you will witness an option to forget this network go for it.
  • Again login to that network by clicking on it and putting the passwords if that network is secured.

Restart the router

Sometimes the issue is not occurring on our phone. Just grab your router and switch it off and get it on and you will get your issue resolved.

Use WPA2-PSK encryption

Few devices can’t perform in an optimal way with certain encryption, including TKIP and AES. Just go to the settings of your router and switch it over to WPA2-PSK.

Allot a static IP address

  • Go into the settings app.
  • Now afterward, choose “Network & Internet.”
  • Now choose “Wi-Fi.”
  • Press the network for a slightly more time you are unable to connect to.
  • You will witness a pop-up box.
  • Choose “Modify network.”
  • Choose “Show advanced options.”
  • Go for the “IP settings” and choose “Static.”
  • Afterward, going to the IP address, alter the last digit to any digit between 1 to 225.
  • Now try to connect again.

Is the MAC filter on?

Wi-Fi officials, most of the time, utilize MAC addresses to blacklist or whitelist devices on their network. That refers to that if your device is not present on the whitelist, or if it is present on the blacklist, it won’t be allowed to connect. The solution to counter this is to either turn your router’s MAC filter off, or abolish your device from the blacklist, or get it into the whitelist.

Get your google play service cache cleared.

Get your google play service cache cleared.

Get your google play service cache cleared.

This process seems to be present in every troubleshooting guide, and also it involves a lot of things circulating around your phones that we don’t have any idea. Giving a restart to the app can resolve several issues, and most of our problems are easily eradicated.

  • Go into the Settings app.
  • Afterwards, choose “Apps & notifications.”
  • Have a look for “Google Play Services.” And tap on it.
  • Press on “Storage.”
  • Choose “Clear cache.”
  • Try to re-establish the connection to Wi-Fi again.

 Performing a malware wipe

If we are done with all of the above things, then there is also a probability of malware presence and intervention. They can easily hijack your android, and they are one of the biggest cause that causes malfunctioning; and we witness to have problems in our it is best to get your device get scanned and make it virus free.

How do you need to get it done?

Install a malware app on your device and get your device scanned through it. It will show you viruses on board and get rid of them, which can help us get the issue sorted.

Factory data reset

If all the above mentioned, alternates fail to work for your device, and the problem is still there for a great span of time, you might want to think about going for the factory data resetting. This will erase each and everything existing in your and brings it back to its factory state in the position when it got manufactured from the industry and will have only built-in applications (software-wise). Ensure to back up any important files before proceeding, which can help you gather your important data, and by backing up, you can get it back in its prior state.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Now choose “System.”
  • Go to the “Advanced options.”
  • Click on the “Reset options.”
  • Choose “Erase all data (factory reset).”
  • Click on “Reset phone.”

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In this article we have come across the issues why are we unable to connect to  a WIFI source what are the reasons that we are facing these problems and how can we counter these problems and we have stated some approaches to get rid of the problems


Q: what to do if your device is not being connected to a Wi-Fi source?

A: there are different approaches to it. Either forget that network and again reconstruct connection to the network or switch off your router and on it.


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