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How to Fix App Not Installed Error? Within 3 minutes

How to Fix App Not Installed Error
Written by Waleed khan

Millions of mobile devices have been used nowadays, and it has a big market related to mobile devices, either related to their hardware or software. Android mobile applications generate billions of revenues daily. There are many Android application users and employees who provide services to and through their android applications. We are discussing the most common problem “App not installed” error.

How to Fix App Not Installed Error.

How to Fix App Not Installed Error.

This is the most common and known error that happens during the installation of the android application. Many of you guys experienced this application not installed error daily. This error mostly occurs when you are trying to download and install the Apk version of any application from different sources other than the google play store.

In the starting, it’s very confusing, but then you realize that either it’s a software issue or hardware. One thing is confirmed that this error happens from something in your mobile device.

Reasons Behind “Application Not Installed” Error and Their Solution

Reasons Behind “Application Not Installed” Error and Their Solution

Reasons Behind “Application Not Installed” Error and Their Solution

Below we discussed some of the highlighted causes of “App not installed.”

Shortage of storage

Insufficient storage could be the cause of the application not installed. If large-sized android applications and pictures, videos, documents, and other data stored in your android devices’ internal storage, it causes a shortage of internal storage.

Solution for storage of storage

What you must do is go and check out your essential and needy data. Start making storage free by deleting unnecessary data and installing that apk file again in hopes it will resolve the issue.

Defile or corrupted APKs

When you aren’t able to download the android application from the google play store, then go to other platforms, or go for the Apk file of that application. Still, most of the apk files from these sources are corrupted or contaminated, be aware of these kinds of unsecured of Apk files provider websites or apps because they could be the reason for the application not installed. Make sure that you are downloading from secured or safe sources.

Solution for defile or corrupted Apk

When you try the third party apk, it is a trusted source of apk, and you have tried that before. Most of the websites nowadays work on copyright stuff, so they try to manipulate the file to avoid copyright claims and copyright strikes.

SD Card or Memory card not mounted in the device

most of the time, it happens that you have preset the location of the installation of any app in external storage, i.e., SD card, etc. therefore, the missing memory card or SD card cause the application not installed.

Solution for SD Card or Memory card not mounted in the device

The best beneficial solution for this problem is that it doesn’t present the application installation location from the settings. Just uncheck the location for the application installation. In that case, you will be asked for the location for that application.

Location issue

Sometimes certain apps work on their best at different locations, some in internal storage and some in external storage; however, many don’t work except their supporting location; for example, some of them installed on internal storage, and some of them are on external storage. So, it could be the reason that you are installing it in the wrong location.

Solution for location issues

the best practices are that don’t set the installation location for a particular place. When you are intended to install any apk file, that would be the right moment to decide that location either you go for the internal or external memory location.

Permission of application

Most of the time, many software applications are functional in the background processes, and another known thing is Application permission; these could be the reason behind the application not installed.

Solution for permission of the application

The best solution for the location issue is that you can uncheck the settings’ pre permission option. You will install the application in the dialog box for permission for the installation. Maybe This solution could work. If it is still not working, just go for another apk file from a different apk provider website.

Unsupported file

Time to time android update their version. It happens that some of the apk files developed according to the frameworks of that same supported version of android there for many apk files don’t support the latest or previous version. So, while you are downloading the apk file, make sure to confirm that you checked the supported version of android for that application. unsupported files some time make that error” application not installed.”

Solution for Unsupported file

in many cases, when you are downloading the apk files from the sites, you are ignoring the supporting android version for that apk file described on the website. Whenever you are downloading the apk, make sure that you are downloading the correct supported apk files from the website. Sometimes its also happened that the files are against the security protocols of the android device operating system.

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Final words

As we have discussed the reason and their solution behind the application not installed after the acknowledgment of the reasons, we hope that next time when you face the error its sounds a bit technical for you. And you will be able to think about the technical aspects of that error. Whenever you face the error application not installed, ensure that all the reasons are on the table while you are resolving the error.


Q: Why it Still keep saying the app not installed?

Answer: Corrupted, damaged storage, mostly corrupt SD Card, also known to reason the Android App not installed error. Sometimes clogged storage could be the reason behind application not installed.

Q: Where can I find the unknown sources in settings?

Answer: first, go for the setting and then click on Apps. There will be a menu icon tap on the upper right corner of the screen of your device. Tap on Special access, then tap install unknown apps. After that, Select an unknown app, then tap the Allow from the source switch to turn on or off.

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