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How to find WiFi password on android without root?

How to find a password on android without root_
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Nowadays, more people are adopting smartphones for their usage. The thing that comes up in my mind is how we can find a password on android without root? With root, there are several ways to find a password but it may be tough to do it without root. For finding a password you need an appropriate understanding of your gadget functions.  

At the point when you do that, the entire procedure gets simpler. That is the reason we are highlighting some of Android’s features that are intended to assist you with this issue. There is certainly an approach to get any passwords you need without root your device.

How to see saved Wi-Fi password on Android without root

A couple of times, you get the Wi-Fi network to your closet store or café. You may overlook the password for which you have to switch to another gadget for connectivity and which required a password. That is the reason, you need to know the Wi-Fi password. You can easily discover your password if you are connected with Windows PC. But in the case of an Android device, it gets hard as Android doesn’t display the option of finding the saved Wi-Fi password.

We have assembled some methods and steps that will help you to answer,

Steps to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android Without Root

Step 1: Developer Authority Access (First become a developer to access the files)

  • Go to Settings
  • scroll down
  • Click on the option “About phone
Developer Authority Access (First become a developer to access the files)


  • scroll down
  • Click on “Build number5 to 6 times until the message would appear that,” Now you are a developer”.

Step 2: Enable Android Debugging

  • Go back to Settings
  • scroll down
  • enable the Android or USB debugging

Step 3: Install Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) drivers

Now open the installed folders, by default it is located in disc C. In any case, you should find them via the windows search engine. You need to hold the shift key and click the right inside the folder to tap on “Open Command Window Here”.

Step 4: Test the Android Debugging Bridge (ADB)

Here, we need to test whether the ABD is working appropriately. To do this, you need to connect your device/phone to the PC by using a USB.

Then in the command prompt, type android debugging bridge services and afterwards press enter. By pressing enter if it is working appropriately, you should see a list that shows devices.

Step 5: Find the Wi-Fi password for Android device

For finding Wi-Fi password, in the command prompt type:ADB pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf. This will get the document from your device/phone to the PC’s local drive Disc C.

Step 6: Get the passwords of Wi-Fi

In conclusion, open the document with a notepad and you will get the Wi-Fi password for your Android phone.

In this way, you will learn how to find a Wi-Fi password on android without root.

Methods to Find Wi-Fi Password Without Root

Here are some more methods which will help you in this regard areas

Download WPS WPA Tester App for Wi-Fi:


In the market, there are numerous apps available that will let you access passwords. In any case, the significant drawback to those is that they need your device/ phone to be rooted but here we need to get a password without root and this will get it done by only this application is WPA Tester.

WPS WPA Tester is one extraordinary Wi-Fi application that will help you to find out the Wi-Fi password in a number of seconds. You should simply go to the play store and download this app.

Once download it, dispatch it and head to the screen of the application. All networks will be available and you should have to select the one you need. These are shown with either red or green sign. Most of the part would have a green sign, and afterwards, select the option of No Root. Then you may select the connect automatic pin and it will give you the required data.

We hope these tricks will help you to get your Android Wi-Fi password without root.

Share the Password via QR Code:


Share the Password via QR Code:

Some Android phones are amazing than others! In case we are discussing Xiaomi models, these are the gadgets for which passwords of Wi-Fi are carved in QR code.

  • Connect to the network
  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Wi-Fi Setting
  • Option “click to share password”.
  • Once clicked, a QR code will be incited for you to impart to other people.

You can scan the code for another gadget or on the other hand, you can basically catch a screenshot of it. You can also share this with others or even to your desktop. Open it on your screen, and afterwards check it with your own gadget. You can likewise search for QR scanners for online PC.

Access Router by Using a Browser

This technique will assist you to access the router of Wi-Fi and also help to find settings of the admin page by using the browser on your device/ phone/ desktop and you will get the required password.

For this, you need the IP address of the router which is configured to use as default that is,, or or Most importantly, you should be associated with the system in which you’re attempting to get its password.

  • Go to Settings
  • Get your IP address of the router
  • tap on connection of Wi-Fi
  • Select Your network.
  • Now you will have the option to see the data that uses the IP address of the router.

Another method to get the IP of the router is to download the app from the play store named “Wi-Fi Analyzer App”. This app will not only help you to get access to the router’s IP but also it will give you the data in terms of its speed and the stability of the network. Once you get a router’s IP address, type this IP address to your Android or desktop browser. The network’s settings page will be opened to you. Now enter the login data, which is mostly default. For username and password type “admin” for both if it doesn’t work, try 1234.

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I hope the above methods and steps will help you to learn how to find a Wi-Fi password on Android without Root. If these methods worked for you then share with your friends and also tell us which method helps the most?


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