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How to Delete pages on Microsoft word

How to Delete pages on Microsoft word
Written by Waleed khan

Microsoft office is a powerful software for documentation and keeping records virtually. It can perform many functionalities regarding households and office work. Due to its such super features, it got much popular that there are trillions of MS office users who daily use it for different purposes. Although, in its initial time when it was launched by Microsoft, there was no expert to use it. Then they sent their developers to market to make people understand it’s usage. Also, there are many user’s guides online to learn it.

How to delete unwanted blank pages on Microsoft Word?

Somehow, using Microsoft word is not always easy by all users until now. Mostly they ask different questions like “ how to delete pages on Microsoft office” or “how to “how to decrease page break” etc. So, to start guiding about different methods, we should learn about what are the reasons or causes behind this. Actually when we start creating a document that contains more than one page.

Then automatically, the blank spaces increase by typing the next sentences. Which results in extra blank pages. There is another reason behind it is that sometimes using extra paragraphs break can also result in blank pages in the middle of documents or at the end.

Describe some methods to delete pages on Microsoft Word?

So, for the solution of “How to delete extra blank pages on Microsoft word” there are many simple methods to follow. MS Office never remains to difficult to manage or handle formation in it. Now, we should start with the easiest method. So follow each and every step or sentence in this article. It would surely be helpful in your issue regarding “ how to delete pages on Microsoft word”.

Method 1;

First, make sure that you are using a precise version of Microsoft which have these options. So let ‘start;

  • Navigate or scroll down your slide bar of the MS word page to the blank page.
  • If your document is of too many pages you can use page down key. It will move you faster than scrolling.
  • Click on the blank page and start pressing backspace.
  • Don’t leave pressure on the backspace key until the page is deleted.
  • Blank pages also include some characters which are invisible in simple editing mode.
  • So using the backspace key would remove those characters and the page would be deleted.

Method 2;

Sometimes we start writing a book containing too many pages. Which are not able to locate by using page down key or cannot be removed one by one. So, follow this method for an easy solution to “how to delete pages in Microsoft word”.

  • Press ctrl +G command from your keyboard.
  • A dialogue box will open with the blank space to enter the page number.

how to delete pages in Microsoft word

  • Enter the page number and also add /page command to select the whole characters or blank space on that page which you want to Delete.
  • Now, click on go to the button and it will move you to that page which you want to remove.
  • Just press delete key or single backspace key to delete that page.

Hopefully, this method would solve your issue of “how to delete pages in Microsoft words”. And if it still seems to be useless if you don’t know about which page number is blank or not. Then you can try this method for a solution.

Method 3;

This is the most simple method and could be used on any device either android, pc or mac, etc. So, follow simple and few steps to thoroughly delete unwanted or blank pages.

  • Click on the View tab in the upper toolbar in MS office.
  • Select navigation pane in this drop-down bar. It can also be located in the layout or any other tab in the lower toolbar.

how to delete pages in Microsoft word

  • By click on navigation, it will show a sidebar on page with all pages and numbers in small size boxes.
  • You can easily click on it and by pressing the delete key, you can easily delete unwanted or blank pages.

This is the easiest method in solution to “how to delete pages in Microsoft word”. Sometimes it also proves to be useless or not working in the sense of extra blank spaces. As I already described some reasons. So this is sometimes got difficult to reduce page breaks or paragraph breaks. For this purpose see in the Home tab a unique sign like ¶ would be there. It refers to the paragraphs breaks. By click on it, it will start showing at the end of every paragraph. Just select it and use the backspace key to remove this unwanted blank space.

how to delete pages in Microsoft word

For this purpose just Go to the layout option and set page margins. Then select even and odd pages and then press apply to all. It would increase the page sizes and the content would automatically be filled in blank spaces. Removing those blank spaces may result in miss handling of formatting. Your formatting on certain text may start to appear at other texts as the text got mixed when you remove those blank spaces. So, for the solution of issue” how to delete pages on Microsoft word”. You should first set a proper page layout before starting your writing. You can even do it in the middle or end of your writing. But as I already said it may consume your efforts and time and may not be easy.

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You should start learning it’s basics before using it. MS Word is not too difficult to learn. You can easily acquire all the readings in just one sitting. Just to all handling before performing any activity on any software. Set your page layout before your writing. So that you need not consume extra time after editing.


  • How to delete multiple pages in Word?

You can surely delete multiple pages by using the navigation pane method.

  • Is there any predefined page settings in the MS office?

No, there is no predefined page margin settings. Somehow you can select the page sizes according to your writing like a letter, A3, A4, etc.

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