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pokemon Go account free

Pokemon go accounts free

If you are aware of the Pokémon that was published on television some years ago, and if you are a lover of Pokémon, this game will prove very interesting for you. It is an augmented reality AR game developed by Niantic. Pokemon Go was released in July 2016. This game uses the GPS of your device and also asks permission to use the camera app and map. There are more than 100 million downloads of this game from google play.

In this game the players are given a task to catch the pocket monsters. there are more than 150 Pokemon and you can poke them by throwing a poke ball. It is an amazing game, you can design your Avatar.



How to get free Pokemon go account

Basically it is a free game at the initial level. But as your score increases and you continue to move to the higher levels, you need to purchase this game from the app store to get access to the next levels. But if you want to purchase it without spending money follow the given guidelines

  • By signing up to the Swag bucks you can get access to the free Pokemon go premium account.
  • There are various usernames and passwords by which  you can get the free premium Pokemon go account.
  • There are some sites that offer gifts and rewards. These sites will help you collect points. One of these sites is

Features of  Pokemon Go account

It is an amazing game that some people are obsessed with. So let me explain some interesting features of this game.

  • It is an augmented reality based game where you observe that Pokemon are all around you. It seems that they are in front of you.
  • This game has adventure and includes physical exercise for children as well. So the parents will not reprimand them for sitting all the time.
  • It is not like other online games in which you have to sit all the time sticking to your device. It demands movement of the body for catching the Pokemon 
  • By winning candies you can increase the power of your Pokemon as well.
  • This game can be played on Android.
  • Pokémon go is still retaining its strong position and millions of players are thriving to get the free Pokémon go account and they are getting successful as well.

Pokemon go account generator

No doubt Pokemon go is an interesting game and gaining its popularity day by day. That’s why millions of deceitful people and hackers have created online generators that are offering free Pokemon go accounts just to trap people. Beware of such scammers.

So it is to inform you that such tools are fake and they will stress you out by giving very difficult tasks and at the end you will be rewarded with nothing. Be at the arm length of such scammers and hackerspokemon free account

Wrapping up

Hope so this guide will be helpful for you. This is a pretty difficult but a very interesting game, it is recommended to play it vigilantly. This game will bring you into an adventurous world of imaginations where you feel the Pokémon anime quite near surrounding you. If you are a Pokemon anime lover this is the best choice of your interest.

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