Horizon Zero Dawn Point Of No Return

We explore what really happens when you reach Horizon Zero Dawn’s point of no return. You could never complete other side quests after a certain moment, so let’s see if there is a time limit afterwards.

What is the horizon zero dawn point of no return?

The game Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t have an endpoint. The moment before the final mission will be brought to your mind after you succeed in the game. By then, you will be able to complete all of your unfinished side quests without any issues. In the game, you can start any quest you like, then complete all the side quests once you’ve completed it.

A time-sensitive quest is not included in Horizon Zero Dawn. HZD is right up your alley if you do not like games that require you to complete missions in a timely manner.

What about that NPC that tells me to finish any errands I’ve got left?

During the game, there is an NPC that encourages you to run any errands that you need to as soon as possible. There is no defining moment in the game, however. Just the reminder to finish any unfinished tasks serves as its defining point. It’s because you’re embarking on a long quest, one you won’t be able to abandon until it’s done. You can’t stop until you complete that mission once you’ve started it.

Additionally, you can consider that alert as a chance to rest before stepping into that long quest. You may want to go get some snacks and drinks, walk a few steps, go to the bathroom, and so forth. So, the game’s developers are signalling that you should take a break.

The three main quest series should be completed in a specific order. You may still progress through the quest, however, you must follow that particular order. If you didn’t complete any of the other main quests, you should return to them.

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