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2 Step Guide to Delete Instagram Accounts with Pictures

Written by Waleed khan

Now, if you are deleting or uninstalling the Instagram application from your phone then here’s Guide to Delete Instagram Accounts with Pictures. Sometimes you get tired or bored from using Instagram or any other application from your phone.

You may have not to like Instagram useful, so if you are not want to delete Instagram account from your phone or any other device, there are these steps to uninstall Instagram from your phone.

Why deleting my Insta account?

We can delete Instagram for many reasons like our device can not handle its storage and the memory of Instagram, so we also delete it, Some times we do not want to use such these applications, so we must delete it.
There are many different reasons to delete Instagram, so we delete it and never want to use it either.

Follow these steps to delete Instagram from your phone :

Step no. 1: ON the screen of your device, open the Instagram application.

Step no. 2: Since the application has opened now, it will be brought the feeds. You need to tap on your account icon from the bottom right corner. This will bring you to the profile pages.

Step no. 3: Now it has opened, then tap on the cog right in the right corner; this will open the settings menu.

Step no. 4: Instagram Application settings.

Step no. 5: Now, scroll down the settings page from the screen until you reach the support section, Now then tap on the help Centre.

Step no. 6: then tap the Instagram help center.

Step no. 7:Now the select the managing your account option then.

Step no. 8:Then tap on the option delete your account.

Step no. 9:Select then how I delete my account.

Step no. 10: You have to scroll down the page until you see the GO to delete my account page and then tap on that hyperlink on screen.

Note: sometimes, this can also be missing and hit in the miss of terms of opening within the application; if it does not open the application, so when you click the select now ellipsis from the right corner of your screen, which opens in the browser.

Step no. 9: Select that option from the drop-down menu and then enter the password and then tap on the permanently to delete my account.

By following these steps, you can quickly delete the account and all the pictures from the account you just created, and this will be deleted permanently from the internet; then, there will be on Instagram. It will be deleted, and that account can not be able to recover for a lifetime. It will be gone.

Deleting Instagram from the computer desktop :

On the computer, you just need to open the accounts and then click on delete my account, and then it will be deleted from there for permanently from the computer of your,s.

How to disable my isnatgaram tempraray ?

  • Step 1:use browser to go to This can not be done by the application.
  • Step 2:now login with your account.
  • Step 3: Now, click on the profile from the right corner of your mobile device.
  • Step 4; Then go to your profile, and that user name selects the edit profile.
  • Step 5: Now, scroll down, and you need to select the temporarily disable my account.
  • Step 6: Then, you must teel the reason for disabling my account.
  • Step 7 Then enter your password and go ahead.
  • Step 8 You have to click on the button that temporarily disables my account.
  • Step 9:to reactivate this account, simply you have to log in.

Conclusion :

When you want to delete Instagram, well, now that is not a difficult thing to do for you; you just have to follow the steps mentioned above you need to follow them and delete Instagram easily.
There is no other way to delete Instagram from your phone device or from the computer system; you just need to follow the steps for deleting the Instagram account and Instagram application. Also, Wel, you well get riot it so easily after watching these steps.

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1.What happens when you delete all the posts from Instagram?

Whenever you also delete the photo or the video, or it may be any post you just uploaded, these all gone forever, so they are any likes comments are received, there are no bringing an Instagram post back on the application,
Archives are the greatest for the photos that you also want to keep, not necessary in a showcase; also then this option can be used, which is called archived.

2.Can, we unsend the picture from Instagram?

While you can unsend any message type or any kind of message on Instagram is does not matter; you also note that if there is someone read the message or maybe you have other messages to send, then simply unsend the message will simply remove the message from all Instagram conversation also.

3.Can I uninstall Instagram?

Yes, you can uninstall Instagram. There are many guides available on the inter to remove or delete Instagram from the device you are using right now, or also, it can be removed or delete from the computer system also.
There is so many easy and comfortable more application that you can use in your free time, and they can also give the news and all the feeds you want to see like photos, audios and the all formats of the video also.

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