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How to get unlimited auto Likes on facebook account

Written by Waleed khan

Hey, are you guys using Facebook? Your answer will be yes because 98 percent of people use it. nowadays Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc these apps are very famous. So if you are a Facebook user you must be thinking about getting a lot of likes comments etc. M I right? Do you want to get unlimited auto likes on Facebook? Let’s discuss how we can do it.


Before some years people were taking pictures for albums and to save their memories. But nowadays the only reason to take pictures is for Facebook. Everyone wants to post pictures on Facebook with Amazing Caption, dialogues, and poetry. After posting an amazing post they only get 10 or 20 likes which always disappoints them. So they stop posting. 

                                   Do you know anyone who doesn’t know about Facebook or doesn’t use it? I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t even use it. I have seen 10 years old children’s using Facebook and posting their pictures or chatting with your friends. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with some other friends in 2004. Facebook has 4.6 billion downloads and 2.37 billion active users around the world. On Facebook you can send requests to the peoples you may know and then they will become your friends. You can send messages, pictures, emoji, and videos. After many updates now you can video and audio call to anyone. 

You can see other posts and statuses. You are allowed to react and comments on other posts. You can share other posts on your timeline or can share it with other people.

Make more friends and get more likes

                                          If you want to get more likes on your Facebook post you need more friends. e.g. You have 100 friends and you expect 1000 likes so it’s impossible. You need thousands of friends to get lots of likes, comments, and shares on your Facebook post. But if you tag your friends so that their friends also can see your post then you will get more likes.  

How to get unlimited auto likes on Facebook

Have you ever heard the name of Facebook auto like? Let me tell you. Those people who have small friends list but they want to get more likes. So then they visit auto like sites. There are so many sites and apps available who send likes and comments to your posts and profile pictures. 

How they send likes? When you visit these sites they ask for Facebook login. After log in they will register your Facebook account and they will send likes from your Facebook account to others and also send them to your Facebook posts. But this method may affect your Facebook account. If you don’t care about your Facebook account then this is the best option.

Most of the people have not heard about Facebook auto like so they ask their friends to like and comment on your posts. Facebook auto like will make it easy for you. You will get unlimited auto likes on Facebook.

What is Facebook auto like?

If your Facebook account doesn’t matter for you but you want lots of likes and comments and don’t care about account privacy etc then you should try Facebook auto like. 

How it works? When you log in to Facebook auto like websites you will log in to your personal Facebook account after that they save your token and sends likes from others accounts and they also have saved others tokens so they send likes from your accounts as well. Those who also want to get likes and comments they will get from your Facebook account.

If you don’t want to use this auto like sites then there are lots of Facebook auto likes app available in the App Store and Google play store.

Requirements and Changes 

  • You must have a Facebook account 
  • Your age should be about 18.
  • You need to change your Facebook account privacy so that your post will be visible to the public. 
  • Change sends request option from other to everyone.                                        

Process to get likes

                                                                       There are so many auto likes sites available but today we are using wefbee to get auto likes on Facebook posts. So what you need to do to follow these steps 

  • Search Wefbee on any browser on your pc
  • As we already discussed you need to log in to your Facebook account.
  • Then some options will appear just press “ get access token”
  • They will ask about your Facebook account information enter it.
  • You will get access token just save it
  • Then you will see empty box paste it and press submit
  • Then select like or comment which you want to get 
  • As you need auto like select it for your posts
  • Select pictures and posts on which you want more like and press submit
  • Done now enjoy likes

It was easy right? get lots of likes by following these simple steps. Use again and again to get more likes on your statuses and profile pictures. This is so helpful there are many more tools for like Facebook auto reactor and Facebook auto friend request sender.

More sites 

Don’t use these sites so much because they save your token and they can send sperm from your account to others and this may affect your account

  • Royal Liker (
  • Mg-Likers (
  • Dj Liker (
  • Machine Likes (

We have tried many methods but in the end we present the easiest method with you guys so you can get lots of likes and comments on your posts. Maybe your friends will start jealous of you. Share this trick with your friends and tell us about does this method work for you or not?

Thanks for reading.

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