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Best Free Drawing Software

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In this era of science and technology, we are getting more and more accustomed to online programs. Same goes for drawing as well. If we wish to draw, we will need drawing tools like pencils, pens, brushes of different sizes, colours of different types like pastel, watercolour, oil paint and so on. However, a simple drawing software can relieve us from all these hassles. It has a wide range of drawing tools available for us which makes drawing easy and comfortable. From little children to adults and professional artists everyone can enjoy the benefits of these free drawing softwares.

Free Drawing Software

Today we are going to introduce you to some free drawing software which will ease the burden and at the same time help you enjoy your hobby.

  • MyPaint:


MyPaint is a fast and easy graphics application for digital painters. It has a huge variety of brushes from classic pencils, pens, markers, paintbrushes to pixels and all the traditional brushes. Along with a variety of colours giving us the luxury of choosing our desired colour. Mypaint also has a scratchpad feature which allows the user to experiment and save the work without making changes to the main project. This software focuses on the art of drawing rather than image manipulation. MyPaint has other features like layer management, Gamut masking colour wheel, pressure-sensitive graphics, tablet support, integrated bug reporting etc.

·      Krita

MyPaint_ (1)

Krita is a popular open-source digital painting application designed primarily for digital painting and 2D animation. It focuses on creative works like painting, illustration, concept art etc. Krita has features like advanced brush engine, group-based layer management and customizable layout, colour management support, an OpenGL-accelerated canvas, vector & text allowing the creation of comic panels, wrap-around mode, brush stabilizers, dark and light colour themes etc.

  • Artweaver free:

Artweaver has many tools and features like layers effect filters such as blur, mosaic, sharpen transparency etc. With its wide range of classical effects like pencils, pastels, acrylics, oil paints etc. presents natural-looking images. It has features like free rotatable and draggable canvas, event saving and playback, variety of brushes and well-detailed configuration options etc. Artweaver has two versions- one is the free version and the other is a Plus version with more features.

  • SketchBook:

SketchBook offers a platform where any type of artistic work can be developed. It can highlight minor details and allows greater precision in strokes with its vast variety of tools and brushes. It also gives a similar feeling to drawing in paper and sketchbook enabling the users to enjoy a natural drawing experience. It is a simple, flexible time-saving drawing software. Sketchbook uses pressure-sensitive features to create effects similar to traditional materials.

·      Studio Clip Paint

Studio Clip Paint was developed by a Japanese company. It is informally known as ‘Kurisuta’ in Japan and ‘Manga Studio’ in North America. It has high functional detection feature. It also has features to reduce blurring and disarray of lines which creates a variance in the pen pressure making the illustrations look like as if it has been drawn by hand. Since it is vector-based software, the drawn lines do not lose their quality when dragged up and down. For comic drawing, the necessary perspective ruler, parallel lines, concentric circles, saturated lines, symmetric lines etc. are also available. Moreover, the users can pose 3D drawing figures and use them as the ground layer of their work.  This software allows the 3D data and photos to be changed into manga-style drawings as well. Drawing continuous still pictures and setting the display order and speed in the timeline can create moving illustrations and animations.

·      Microsoft Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint 3D is a free program available only in Windows 10.  This software can be used by anyone without requiring any prior knowledge. It easily combines 2D and 3D tools. The users can create 3D designs from scratch or can also take help from the existing 3D models from the built-in 3D library feature. It has features like history slider which records every change and allows the user to scroll back through time, 3D View mode in which you can move around and see your content from any angle and zoom the canvas as you wish. Paint 3d software has the ability to set up the drawn 3D models into the Mixed Reality Viewer application which Allow users to see the 3D models in a real-world context.

Paint 3d software has the ability to set up the drawn 3d model into Mixed Reality

·      GIMP

One of the open-source raster graphics editors. The advantages of GIMP lies in its rich image editing feature set and customizations that create professional-looking images. It provides photo enhancement features like fixing perspective distortion due to lens tilt with the correction mode available in the transform tools. It has advanced photo retouching techniques. Easily getting rid of unnecessary details and touching up the minor details with healing tools.

·      Inkscape

Inkscape is used to create vector images primarily in Scalable Vector Graphics format which is an excellent format for creating and designing logos and banners or any media. It can provide primitive vector shapes such as ellipses, polygons, rectangles, spirals, stars, 3D boxes etc. This software has features like Object Creation and Object Manipulation, Boolean Operations, Path Simplification with Variable Threshold, Bitmap Tracing, Node Alignment and Distribution, Node Editing etc. It is used for illustrations such as cartoons, clip arts, logos, diagramming, flowcharting, typography, Fill and Stroke tools etc. The graphics do not blur when it is resized.

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It is quite needless to say that the above-mentioned products have made our life much easier and productive. These softwares have added another dimension in our life. It is continuously lessening our burden. These Softwares have provided us with the advantage of drawing anytime and anywhere we want. We can spend our leisure more purposefully through these. However, it known to us that every coin has two sides. Just like that, these drawing softwares are not altogether free of risks. But if it is used and handled properly the risk factors can be mitigated and it can be fully utilized.


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