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Fixed fallout 4 mods not Working

Written by Waleed khan

Fallout four is the top action game we ever is a roleplaying game which was developed by the Bethesda game studios and published by the Bethesda software. This game was actually released in the middle of November 2015.

There are so many new mods available for the game also quite soon after the release of this game. Most users are using the need mod manager to use the game’s different mods while they love to play and enjoy these game mods.
Sometimes, quite currently, many reports are coming in that fallout 4 mods not working. This problem mostly occurred with many users that are using the nexus mods in the fallout four.

This article will discuss how we can fix fallout 4 mods not Working and get rid of these errors we do not want to see in the future. There are many fixed for this to fix all errors of this game mods series.

Why these errors occurred?

1.Unconfigured of .ini Files: These mini files, including the data folder of these mods, have to be appropriately needed to be configured to work with this mod called nexus mod manager. If these files are not well configured, then surely this error will come.

2.Firewall Protection: Sometimes, your windows firewall protection might be the cause of blocking the games to run because it is third party games. And firewall is always blocking these types of things to make your computer safe. Then you can not be able to play these mods in the game.

3.MultiHD install: The nexus mod manager works perfectly fine if the virtual is appropriately installed on the same hard drive of your computer on which your game is installed. This will allow you to run the game. If you have an established game for another purpose, it will indeed not work, and it also shows you an error at that time.

4.Updates: Make sure that you have many updates pending, but you don’t update them, and it causes the mods not to be played on time, There you need to install the best and new updates for the game mods to run them smoothly.

5.Administrative Access: Nexus mods manager must have all administrative access to run your games and mods on the computer you are using right now at the same time as the game. You have to give it access to playing the game.

6.Faulty mods: In some mods, there are so many new bugs, and they can not be run on your system, which you are using at the time of the game. So you must check your mods that they are working on some other computer properly or not. It may be causing these issues also.

Solution number one: Configure the .ini files well

This files the inside folder data of the game. Manage properly and configured well to work with the nexus mod manager also game. If these all files were not well configured, this will show you an error. Here is the solution. Follow step by step.

1.navigate the folder:

2.In this folder, there are some files like.ini

3.Now you see the file names”falloutfoursustom.ini” Now open it if this file is not present here create the file by notepad++ then save it with the same name “fallout4custom.ini”.

4.Now save this file in the root folder.

5. then open the game and run. Enjoy

Solution number two: Give access through the firewall:

1.Click to start menu select setting icon

2.Now click on Windows security and Options

3.Select Allow an app via firewall option

4.Click on change settings and grant all the fallout4related application also and then nexus
the mod manager through both private and public access.

Solution number three: In some type of cases, mods being applied

by the user themselves were outdated or corrupt and were causing with many several processes of applying these mods also In this step, we will be checking to see which mod is causing the issues, and we will remove it. the nexus mod manager to view the list of mods.
2.Disable all of them and then check the game it is works.
3.If game works, it means one of the mod is causing an issue.
4.Similarly go on enabling the mod one by one until the game no longer works.
5.Now you have identified the issue and mod which was being caused by it.

If there is an update release, you must update it and install it properly. If no update is available, then you must not try to install extra things on it.

Solution number 4: Granting the mods administrative mods

simply you can give the game administrator access when you want to start the game and wanted to play. Simple you have to the right click on the game file and then open properties, and then tick runs as administrator. It will run as an admin user, and maybe it works perfectly for you by using this method.


There are so many games that also have the same issue “fallout 4 mods not Working“, but we suggest these methods for playing the game and get rid of these errors also. Once you have tried all these methods, this will help you to run the game smoothly, and also, you can be able to play any mod you want to play on the computer system.


1.What we do if fallout4 will not load?

In the case of this, we are only thinking of two types of possibilities that could have done to prevent it from the loading screen. You must clear cache data from drives, and then you must try to run it.

Delete some items that say reserved space; it might be up to 4 GB in size, also at least for my system. This is just the game for a little time. Now attempt it to run the game.

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