Fix Failed to Obtain IP Address

Wifi has already become vital commodities nowadays; just it’s like electricity. All our works often depend on electricity. The failed connection also can be more annoying or even costly and was unable to obtain an IP address error message, which is almost shown on android users. It can show anytime. Read below to Failed to Obtain IP Address Error.


What does ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’ Error mean?

Failed to Obtain IP Address Error on the screen when the user tried to connect any wifi connection or network. A router also assigns an ip address for all types of connecting devices. Your device must obtain that address to able to connect with wifi or the router. That message means you can not do that, and the users are unable to join the network.

Reasons For ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address’ Error:

1.Signals of wifi are low, In case you would reduce the distance between your router and your device also.

2.YOu device may not be able to operate appropriately with all set encryption methods.

3.There may be problems with your router. It could be malfunctioning or maybe a configuration error.

4.Enable all the MAC filtering systems; maybe you address not be whitelisted even.

5.Software or the configuration problems with your devices.

Drawbacks of failed to obtain an IP address

There are so many drawbacks to ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address‘ error. You can not do any kind of work if this error comes, even you can not connect with the network for the work you want to do.

There are a lot of issues raised by this error. You can not be able to deliver your tasks at the given time, or maybe the work can not be done in the ways clients want to make it done.

How to fix “Failed to obtain the IP address” on the Android Devices:

method 1: Reconnect to the network also:

If this is your first time and simplest method also you should try. When we do this, the router also forgets the previous changes and attempts, and it initiates the new process to assign the IP address. If this issue is also due to the temporary interferences, This could help. You just need to follow these step

1. First, open your setting from the phone device.

2.Tap on the connection from settings in the device.

3.Now you see, there will be the wifi. Tap on it.

4.Tap on it and hold the wifi you want to choose, then forget the network.

After this, login into your usual network. It will surely do work for you guys.

method 2: Rename your android device

We are a hundred percent sure that why and how this would help, But many users are claiming that it solves their issues. This process is so simple, too, so give it a go.

1.Open the settings in the application now ‘About phone.’

3.Tap the device you want to choose.

4.Now change the name to anything you want to wish and then select the OK button.

5.Try and then reconnect to the router also.

Method 3: switch on and off the airplane mode

sometimes; you have to turn off and turn on the airplane mode to fix this issue. There are so many issues that are being selected by turning off and on the airplane mode.

It may be the best solution sometimes. Make sure you have a smartphone for this fixing. It can only be done on smartphones and new devices.

Method 4: Use of WPA2 and PSK encryption

Some devices are not working with the router settings and can not be connected to the router due to environments that are not available in machines. You just need to go to the settings of the router. Then select the WPA2 or the PSK encryption.

This method will surely work if there is any problem with the device or the settings you have uploaded to the machine.

Method 5: Is your MAC filter is on or not?

Is the MAC filter on?

WI-FI administrators are often to use the MAC to whitelist and blacklist devices also on their networks. This means that your device is not on the white list or on the blacklist if you have your device. Then it will not work on your device, or maybe it will not connect.

This solution instead turns your router,s MAc filter is off, Remove the devices you chose from the blacklist in the device and add it to the whitelist.

Method 6: Assign the static IP

1.First, open the application settings

2.Then select the network and internet

3.Select the wifi you want to open

4.hold on the network you can not connect with

5.Then modify the network

6.Now you must like to show advanced options

7.Noe look for the IP settings and select static

8.In this IP address, you must change the last number or digit to any other number between on to 224.

Now try to reconnect; it will surely work, and you might able to connect with the network.

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Conclusion :

There are so many errors similar to Failed to Obtain IP Address that can be occurred; you do not need to be a worry. These errors can be fixed by different methods, and there are so many new solutions.

You can fix them all by trying all these methods we told you. You must try and enjoy your time here by fixing these errors also.


1.Why makes this error comes failed to obtain the IP address?

The ‘Failed to Obtain IP Address ‘ this error usually shows up while trying to access the wifi network, Whether this is new or the one you have already saved on the device you use.
That error means the router can not be able to assign the Ip address to your device you using right now. As long these issues persist, you cant not be able to connect.

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