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Fix: Solution for Dism error 87 windows 10/8/9

Most of the people facing the Dism error 87 on windows 10 and if you are one of them don’t panic we are here with the solution, here we will show you some of the best ways through which you can fix the dism error 87 windows 10 error on your computer.

We also looked at many user reviews and the repair methods used to fix the problem in this specific case. There are several fairly typical scenarios on the basis of our observations that can cause this particular error message.

Command line isn’t typed correctly

This is the most common explanation that this particular mistake happens. The space before each character “/” is in most cases incorrect. The solution is just as straightforward as using the right space.

Windows 10 bug

A Windows 10 error fixed in the Fall Creators Update may also trigger this specific error while running a DISM search. If this is the case, you can correct the error by installing every Windows update pending.

The machine is using the wrong version of DISM

The solution is to use the wofadk.sys filter driver to use the correct version of Windows 10 image.

This article will show you a variety of installed troubleshooting measures, if you are searching for a solution for this error message. Below, you can find a collection of methods other users can use to solve problems in similar situations.

For best results, perform the following methods in the order presented until you encounter an effective fix in a particular situation. Let’s Start!

How to fix Dism error 87 windows 10:

Using the correct spacing

One of the most common causes of this error is incorrect spacing when writing a DISM command. Usually, errors are caused by incorrect spaces before each ‘/’.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth


DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Hit Enter and check if the command is being processed successfully after making sure the correct DISM syntax is being used.

Using an elevated command prompt

The explanation that the user typing the correct order, but attempting to run it in a standard command prompt, is another common reason for the Error 87 to occur. The error message is a command DISM (like SFC scan) must be executed in a higher order prompt to work properly.

  • First press the window and R key to open the dialog box.
  • Now type cmd in the dialog box and press the control + shift + enter simultaneously to open the Run dialog Box.

  • Now choose yes to give the administrative the access.
  • Now type your command and press enter to run it.

Installing every pending Windows update

If you are using a pirated copy of Windows 10, or if you are using a program that actively prevents the installation of Windows updates, you are Need to update the system to solve the error.

If you use a valid Windows 10 certificate, delete the roadblock that prevents the installation of updates and follow the following instructions if this scenario is applicable.

  • First press the window and R key to open the dialog box.

  • Now type “ms-settings:windowsupdate” in the dialog box and press enter to open the windows update settings app.
  • Now click on check for updates and read all the instructions to update every pending update.

  • After every pending update is downloaded in your computer install them and restart your computer.

You may be prompted to restart between update installations. If prompted, restart when prompted, and remember to return to the same screen after the next startup completes to continue installing the remaining files. Do this until all pending updates have been installed.

Restoro PC repair Tool:

Restoro is a PC repair tool that fixes the common errors of your PC in no time. You just need to download the restore computer repair tool and you will find the Start Scan option. Click on it, and it will start finding the error on your laptop. After finding the error, click on the repair option; it will fix all the errors that are bothering your PC performance.

How to install Restoro PC repair Tool:

By following these 3 steps you can install Restoro PC repair tool on your PC in no time.

  • Navigate to a web browser and search for restore PC repair tool.
  • Now once the download is complete go to the folder where the app is downloaded.
  • Once you click on the app it will start the installing process and you can see the shortcut on your desktop screen.

By doing these simple 3 steps you can get restoro on your PC.


Here we have talked about the Dism Error 87 and also what causes this error we have also talked about some of the best methods through which you can fix this error with ease. But if you still find errors like these in your computer make sure to download and install restoro PC repair tool which will fix the common problems of your computer.


Q1. Can we download and install restoro app free of cost.

Yes, you can download and install restoro for free from any browser.

Q2. Are these the valid methods to fix the issue?

Yes, these above-mentioned methods are best to fix this issue on your computer, if you are still facing these common errors try to download and install restoro PC repair tool this will fix the common errors on your computer.

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