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5 Steps To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio

How to Fix Discord screen share no audio
Written by Waleed khan

The Desktop sharing also stated as Screen share, an essential way of sharing your contents and components to other devices even multiple. One window or all the elements of your screen can be shared. This also allows others to get complete control over your visibility of the desktop, which guarantees privacy.

During the process of sharing, specific problems may happen. Like Discord Screen share, no audio Is the main issue; everyone is facing nowadays, mainly by Video gamers.

Are you facing these unnecessary problems?

If Yes? Then you should read below!

How to fix discord screen share with no audio?

Why Screen Issues Appears?

Screen share discord

The original feature is available on the Discord Website. To use the sharing facility, you need to download it directly from the website. Otherwise, problems will occur frequently.

This problem happens when you download the app from the third source. The feature is only faulty when it is pirated.

  • Feature problem of audio
  • Defective audial Drivers
  • Organizational Entry
  • Wrong Applications
  • The error of no route
  • The question of Discord Voice
  • Stream mismatch
  • Antivirus issues

The Feature of Screen sharing is all the newest purposes of Discord. However, it has many bugs. You can analyze that Discord is not picking up the audio.

Here are some necessary steps to resolve discording problems.

Discord no sound screen share

Restart Your Computer:

Restart the system

To fix audio, not working problems, restarting your computer can fix a lot of it.

Well, a quick boot up will not hear the sound of the discord screen share no sound issue. Some applications running the background will make it problematic, and you will not be able to listen to the screen audio issues. After restarting, try relaunching the Discord. Do check if the problem persists or not.

Upgrade the Recorded App:

A crucial factor is here for updating the discord app for fixing the no audio issues. By doing the process of up-gradation, you will be able to solve this audio problem quickly.

Here are some necessary steps to get rid of the problem.

  • Press the win+ R key and open the Run dialog at the same time.
  • Then double click on the Discord and update.exe
  • Relaunch the app after the completion of the update of the discord app.

Administrative Access:

This app worked perfectly before the problem of Discord no sound screen share. Due to the loadings of too many resources, it is now a big concern.

  • The process of granting administrative access is here,
  • By pressing the Windows +E, launch the file explorer.
  • Navigate to the discord installation.
  • After clicking on the discord.exe app, select Run as Administrator.
  • Save changes by pressing OK.

Full Windowed Screen:

Using the full screen and utilizing Discord at the same time can lead to different problems. You should use off-screen discord mode to avoid conflicts with the discord approvals. So, that’s how you can play games in minimize screen format.

Addition of Discord Activity:

The activities you are doing and performing are being detected by Discord.

For example, if Discord is running in the background and also you are playing Call of Duty, there will be a chance of sound error.

So, to avoid the error, an addition of discord activity is a must. Some steps are shown below related to it.

  • Open up the discord settings.
  • There are several options on the navigation bar. Choose Games.
  • Add the activity from the Game activity tab.
  • Leading an Overlay Tab, press the toggle button.

Upgrade Audio Drivers:

Due to the backdated Audio drivers, the problem of Discord no route occurs.

The up to date of audio drivers should be done.

To upgrade it,

  • To open the Run dialogue box, press windows +R and type devmgmt.MSC and press enter.
  • By expanding the audio inputs and outputs categories and press on sound and hardware.
  • Restart your PC after selecting an updated driver.


Reorganize Voice Setting on Discord:

  • By just resetting voice settings on Discord, no problem can be fixed.
  • To avoid completely, these steps must be taken.
  • Open the settings
  • On the right corner, there is a setting icon. Click on it.
  • Find out the voice and audio.
  • To update the faulty settings, chose the reset voice category.
  • To confirm, click, OK. This will surely fix the problem.

Allowance of Elevated Access:

The audio feature introduces the share screen method. It was working correctly since more resources are being used with a feature for the computer which is concerned with privacy. There are still some cases where applications do not work correctly, even in a normal mode. Follow these instructions to learn more about it.

  • Click on the windows +E to launch the file explorer. Then, navigate the directory where discord share is set up in your PC. In local Disk C, there is a default install location.
  • When you are in the installation directory, by right-clicking on the application’s executable and choose Properties.
  • In Properties, select the Compatibility tab. After that, evaluate the program which says Run this program.
  • Apply and save changes. Check if the problem is resolved or not.


In many cases, the discord screen sharing is used by gamers. They use it for streaming and watching gameplays.

For example, if someone is playing Fortnight. He will love to share his screen with his friends. The very next thing he will do is download the discord app and open sharing on Discord. Then the same problem will occur. The discord scratches and screen sharing will not work correctly and you will not be able to do it. All of your friends will be busy playing and watching gameplays.

The feature will stop working, and you will try to resolve it. Then you will see that your downloaded version is not updated. Once it is updated, you can share your screen with your friends.

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If none of the given methods does resolve the issue, try the reimage repair tool where the repositories are scanned to rearrange corrupt files. This works in most cases, where the problem is invented due to the corruption of the system.

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