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How to Delete Skype Account Permanently

Have you ever try to delete Skype account permanently? Like other chatting app this is also not easy to delete Skype account permanently. So I will show you how we can do it.

What is Skype:

                                 Skype was released in 2003 first Application to have features of the video call. Founded by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. Skype is a telecommunication application that allows users to chat with their friends send pictures, calls and the most important feature of this app is you can video call everyone. It also allows the conference video call. But first you have to connect with them through their specific username. It is so easy to use. Once you are connected you can call them anytime.

Do we use Skype on PC?

                                                    This is a common Question nowadays because people mostly use PC/laptop so they want to do all these on it. Like if someone is doing their office work on a laptop and they need Some documents from Skype, WhatsApp or want to use other Application like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram for relaxation but using both phone and laptop irritate them. So the answer is Yes. You don’t need anything Just download the Application and install it. Then log in.


How to Do Skype Conference Call

      Conference call method is much easy you can set up in a minute and can connect with dozens of people. It can be a video call, audio call, or also can be mixed call. You can save the conference group so you can call later. Follow these  steps

  1. Log in to your Skype account
  2. Go to the contact list you will group icon click it
  3. Window will appear to add the those contact who you want to call
  4. Now you will see call group option
  5. Click it and then conference call will connect

Delete Skype Account permanently

                      Skype don’t allow their users to delete account permanently but you can deactivate it and also can delete the data. It is possible to delete it permanently but this is the long process and also not free. It required payment method. So removing the account is the best option. So again log in to your Skype account and then delete each and every of the information like chats, account name, mobile number, email, username, etc. Deleting number, email, and username is more necessary so that no one will able to find you by searching.

Let’s start with the step by step process To delete Skype account

  • Log in your Skype account and then click username
  • Now click manage and then your profile will appear
  • You will see personal information Section go and edit it
  • After clicking on editing you can remove your personal information
  • Remove your personal information
  • Remove all chat

Make Changes in Skype Avatar

  • Log in to Skype application and then by clicking username open your profile.
  • Then click Avatar
  • You can now delete your profile as well as can remove it.
  • Then back to the login screen and click delete sign-in info
  • Type Run and click Enter. Then type %appdata%\Skype inbox  and press Ok

Congratulations your Skype account is deleted now. One more thing delete also the Skype folder from your Pc. If you are still confused reboot your system.

After a lot of updates it is now much easy to delete Skype account and delete every kind of information so that no one can reach you. By Doing These Simple steps you can Easily Delete Skype account permanently because we have tried these steps to make things easy for you. Hope you Like it

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