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The role-playing game dauntless is known as an RPG. It was published by Phoenix labs and was distributed by Epic games. Initially, the game was launched for Microsoft Windows in May 2018. Dauntless was first released in December 2016 by Phoenix labs during The Game Awards. It was launched with the closed alpha period and later on with the open beta period before its full release at the end of 2017 which was formerly launched till the start of 2018. Dauntless is a first release where you are given a task to kill Behemoths that are the huge monsters. Dauntless offers you countless hours for playing with your partners in order to save the world from the monsters.

Dauntless Codes

These types of games develop your interest, enhance your creativity and help you dive into a visionary universe where you can hover over the planets, stars and can fly in desperate conditions. In this guide, you will be provided with all the information about Working Dauntless Codes in 2022.


How to download dauntless.

To download dauntless follow the following steps:

  • First, make your account of Epic game launcher
  • If you already have Epic games account simply login to that already existing account
  • After you log in hit the install button at the top of the page 
  • It will start downloading within a few seconds

Requirements for dauntless on PC

To download dauntless on PC the following things are required.

  • There should be a minimum of 8.27 GB of free space available for downloading dauntless.
  • Window 7 is also good but window 10 is highly recommended and suitable.
  • For excellent performance you need 720p but 1080p is highly recommended.
  • 660Ti (DX11) card is required.

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How to Redeem dauntless codes

The redeem procedure of dauntless is very simple and you only need to take very simple and basic steps. Redeeming is very important due to its short life span.

Steps to redeem the dauntless codes:

  • Login to play dauntless.com and switch to My Accounts.
  • Scroll to see the ‘ Code Redemption’ then enter your dauntless promo code.
  • By hitting enter your code items will be delivered to your game


Before entering the code make sure your code is entered correctly. The codes are very sensitive, if you capitalize the alphabets it will not work and will be an invalid code.

Expired dauntless codes

As the redemption of dauntless has a very short life span so if the period of redemption is over it expires and cannot be used. So you should keep on checking the most-posted locations timely. 

G Time TV and Play Dauntless are some Twitch Streamers that can be helpful to your hunt. Be careful that dauntless gets expired quickly due to its short life span, use the unique codes that are given out as prizes and promotions. Most often dauntless codes are listed as a corsage of expired or claimed codes.

Where can you play dauntless in 2022?

Dauntless required a solid and strong device to run. You can play dauntless with your friends on the platforms like Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, and on PC in the Epic Games store. There are rumors about it that it cannot be supported on mobiles apps like App Store and Play Store but it is available for Android with the internet but to download it on Android is not highly recommended and safe as they don’t run well and cam install other viruses due to third party installation. Dauntless is recommended to be played on a PC that required window 10 or at least window 10 for smooth running. So don’t take the risk of downloading it on mobile. As dauntless needs a Wi-Fi signal so it cannot be played offline and you cannot play it everywhere without a good internet connection.


Free game items like dauntless have always been a great source of enjoyment and pleasant bonus. Dauntless are very useful and help to make the games less boring and more enjoyable. 

We hope all the above information that is provided in this guide will be helpful to you.

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