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Create a Hotmail Account and Remember it Easily

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Hotmail is an online service that provides email accounts with 5GB free space to store data. To create a Hotmail account, you have to provide your basic information to the sign in. This basic information includes your name, password, mobile number, etc.. Once you provide your data to the system, Microsoft will give you access to windows live space, one care, Calendar, Gallery, and more. So let’s dig deep into How to create a Hotmail account and remember it easily.

Create a Hotmail account and Remember it Easily

To create your own Hotmail account is not a big mess it’s a very simple process, and in this article, I am going to take you through this very straight forward process; everything you need is an internet connection and a web browser, any web browser could do it so buckle up and let’s see what these easy steps to create your own Hotmail account are.

To start this simple process, just go to the homepage and then download the email service from a web browser. This page will exactly look like this image below, but if it is not, then don’t worry, they change the things on the internet daily. After that, you should look for the button which says Sign-up and then click on it.

By making an account on Hotmail, this account will be your windows live ID, but it is not just that I will give you access to other Microsoft services like messenger, Xbox live, etc. Now get back to the signup process. You will have to fill the registration form that you will get from the web browser. 

The information you have to fill the registration form is the same information that is going to be used in your Hotmail account. You don’t have to worry about this information because it’s a simple task and there will be some simple questions which you have to answer. 

The other thing that you have to care about is that you have to put (*) this symbol in order to completely fill your form and make the online Hotmail account for yourself.

Create a Windows Live ID:

Create a Windows Live ID:

The first step in this process is that you have to put your ID in the box in order to check this Id name that you choose is unique or not? Or does the name that you want for your self is not taken by any other person.

This ID will be used in the sign-in process, and it should be like this ([email protected]). But this doesn’t mean that your name should have to be like this. You can choose your own name as well as your favorite character’s name but make sure that this name is not taken by anyone else.

The available buttons are present in the form of Check (This ID is not taken by others). But if it says that the ID is taken, it will automatically show you the suggestions like ( [email protected] ). If you like the suggested name, then select it. If not, then choose a different name which you like.

Make sure that the number you selected in your ID are special numbers like your date of birth, your phone number, your house number, etc. though there are millions of Hotmail subscribers, so getting the name that you like is finding a needle in hay stag.

Don’t get frustrated and find the name that is not easy for everyone to take and make it your email address and get this in mind that once you select an email address, you can’t change it, so choose wisely while looking for an email name.

Choose a password for your account:

This is the most sensitive process while making your account. You should make sure that you choose a password for your account which is hard for other peoples but easy and memorable for you like if you are choosing a password make sure it has both upper case and lower case, and make sure that your password has numbers as well as alphabets your password should be complex that other users cant access your data.

While choosing a password, makes sure that you don’t make a password like your spouse’s name and your birthday, which is easy for anyone to guess. Remember that this password will be your key to all the windows live services, and if you have any sensitive data in your account, the password will be the main key to access it and make it simple for yourself that you don’t forget it in the future.

You can change your password with time. If you don’t like your password or you find it lengthy for yourself, just go to the privacy settings and change the password.

The form will ask for the password confirmation that you have to put your password two times in that case you will not forget it in the future, but if you do somehow forget your password, there will be an option for recovery email and phone number from which you can change your password if you can’t access to your email account anymore.

After completing this form, just go to the signup up option, and Boom, you are registered as one the Hotmail users from now on, so this is the easiest way to get registered with Hotmail accounts. I hope these simple steps will help you in creating your own Hotmail account.

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Hotmail is an online service which helps you to get communicated with the other world by following these simple steps you can have your own account in 5 minutes the signup process is free and you dint have to pay a penny for this and make sure that you have selected a better id name and password for yourself that you won’t forget in the future. 



Why the use of Hotmail?

Hotmail can be used for Sending and receiving emails; also, you can send your files, including data and many more. You can use it to transfer files also when you are connected to the internet.

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