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Awaiting Endpoint Discord Error | How to fix

awaiting end point
Written by Waleed khan

If you are using a PC or laptop for gaming then you should know about Discord’s app for getting a better or good experience. In games you must have knowledge about the Discord app because it is specially designed for gamers every gamer should be familiar with Discord.

But after the passage of time in every social app there is updating process so same as in the Discord app there is updating process after getting new updates or new features for the improvement or enhancement of the app several issues might be faced. Among all the issues, one issue that many users had faced or complaint about is the awaiting endpoint Discord error. This is the most common error for the discord app users but fixing this type of error is not difficult as it seems for fixing this problem several methods can be used. here we will discuss all discord stuck connecting errors, and it’s the solution, but before that let’s have look at discord.

Discord – Platform for Gammers

Gamers need a better gaming experience so they require a platform where they can play games on the computer, wherever there are sitting and there is one and only precious platform for the gamers for gaming experience which we call Discord and it’s work is to connect everyone in the worldwide area by video calling testing, voice calling or audio messaging in games.

Every experienced gamer have this app and these people can also make their own channels for streaming with this, each and every person can approach here and also they can seek many different things which are related to Discord. After this, they can be polished their gaming experiences that’s why every gamer prefer this platform for getting the best experience or for live streaming, and it is the very best platform for all gamers or YouTube streamers.

Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

If you have Information’s or knowledge about the discord app then you can understand every issue which is related to the Discord app so, in the above paragraphs, all details are mentioned for the Discord app; so it is much easier for all of us for understanding the Discord Awaiting  Endpoints Error. This issue is related to the network, this error happens while connecting to the Discord server many users that use a Discord app complaint about the issue of this error frequently.

awaiting end point

awaiting end point

The major issue of this error is that discord won’t connect, therefore users mostly complained about this error because of network issue when the gamers, visitors and the servers are not able to connect with each other then they will face this type of error.

Awaiting Endpoint Discord Solution:

There are many ways for resolving discord awaiting endpoint error, you are allowed to try many ways to solve this error or issue.

awaiting end point

awaiting end point

Solution 1: Change Your Server Region:

As it is explained above that the most important and you can say that the most common reason for this Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error is that the server is not connecting and you are trying to connect but it might be down. So if that is the case or the main reason for the error so you can change the region of your server for the connection because you will be connected with each other or with another area that is still running is still connected.

There are some regions that are available on discord on which you can connect with each other by changing your area, follow these following steps then you can proceed further

  • First of all, you have to go on your discord platform.
  • Secondly, you have to go to the setting
  • The next step is to locate and to-go service setting and click the over review
  • Now from that point, you can change the server location.

Solution 2: Check Your Wi-Fi Setting

Another reason why you are facing awaiting endpoint discord could be the Wi-Fi connectivity so this can also be solved so for this issue you might need to reconfigure your Wi-Fi, first of all, see that your wife is working properly or not if there is an issue in the Wi-Fi so that you can get these errors in discord then you can go to many other websites for try to connecting with discord server or you can use other many services from the browsers which can help you for connecting

If nothing is working in a proper manner then this confirms that there is an issue with your Wi-Fi so in these cases you can reboot your modem and then the router might solve this issue. Or you can also Off the modem for 10 to 20 seconds but after this, if it is not still working then the best thing which you can try is to check the admin section which is present on the network dashboard and ask them to change all the settings back to the default settings

Solution 3 : Reinstall Discord :

If the first 2 methods are not applicable and you can’t resolve your discord awaiting endpoints error, so there is another method which is called reinstall discord. It is the last method that can resolve the discord awaiting endpoints error, the only thing left for you is one and only  Reinstall Discord.

When you reinstall the discord app so if there are any corrupted files in the discord will be replaced and all the issues will be resolved after uninstalling the discord app.

There are a lot of tools that are available which can completely help you in uninstalling the software and deleting all the associated files this once it is removed or it is completely deleted from your computer or your laptop you can reinstall discord and see that how the issue has been resolved.

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Final words:

All the above methods are the answer to your question that how to fix discord awaiting endpoints error. Implement those methods, if still, the error persists, please let us know in the comments box, we will try to help you the best.

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