Top 5 Ways To Fix Avast UI Failed to Load in 2021


Are you looking to fix Avast Ui failed to load? A complete guide on how to solve the “Avast UI Failed to Load” on your device. Windows is the leading Operating System in the world with a 77.7% market share as of January 2021. But with power comes responsibility, and even with all the updates in Windows 10, they have not been able to remove all the malware, viruses, spam, and infections that have haunted its reputation for several years now.

That is where handy software like Avast Anti-Virus comes into play. This free tool for your Windows device can protect you from various common problems like malware, spyware, phishing emails among others, and with its simple interface, it is definitely recommended. There are a lot of other features that this application gives like password management, Wi-Fi security scanning, and secure DNS but they may need the premium version.

However, many consumers have run into problems while updating the virus and then restarting the device. The screen reads “Avast UI Failed to Load” along with “This is really embarrassing. AV service is not responding”. The options given on this screen are “Exit” or “Restart Device”.


Why Avast UI Failed to Load?

Reasons for this error:

  • One possibility is that Avast installation is corrupted. Some files may be missing causing incomplete functionality. In this case, reinstallation may be the necessary fix.
  • It may be caused by incorrect Windows Services configuration. Windows may be working in disagreement with the software.
  • There may be interference from any third-party software.
  • An incomplete Windows 10 update


  1. One method, without doing anything yourself, is contacting the Avast antivirus contact helpline and talking to their representative who should be able to help you with the problem. The fact that Avast recognized this problem and tried to fix it shows seriousness from the company and a strong feedback system in place.
  2. A staple solution recommended by Avast Antivirus support team themselves has the following steps

  • Press the Win (has the Windows logo on it) + R key on your keyboard.
  • This opens the Windows Services console. Type “MSC” and proceed.
  • In the whole list, locate Avast Antivirus, click on it and open
  • On the General tab select “Startup Type”. Out of the three available options Select Automatic and click Apply to register the changes.
  • If it stops running, select Start in Service status
  • In the Services console, find and click on Remote Desktop Services, and choose Properties.
  • Again, on the General tab, select “Startup type” and choose
  • Restart the PC and launch Avast Antivirus again. Scan your device to check its functionality.


  1. Another possible solution is reinstalling the software.

  • First, ensure there is no other Antivirus running on your PC. Now for Windows 10, Select Start, choose Apps and Features.
  • Then select Avast Antivirus and click on Uninstall
  • I asked for permission by User Control Guide, select Allow
  • Avast setup wizard will launch. Click on Uninstall to start the procedure.
  • Wait while the program uninstalls the software and then Restart your computer.
  • After this you can reinstall the software by going through these steps:
  • Go to the Avast Antivirus official website.
  • Now download the AVG antivirus software by clicking on the Free Download icon
  • Open the download folder and click twice on the Avast antivirus setup file.
  • Click on “Ok” when prompted for permission.
  • Let the installer work and wait for a few minutes.
  • Now scan your computer and see whether it works well or not.
  1. Another method is to repair the software. The steps to do that are listed below

  • Open Control Panel, go to Settings, proceed to Programs, now click on Programs and Features
  • Select Avast antivirus, click on Uninstall/Change
  • Click on Change and choose Repair
  • Wait for Avast to make the necessary changes.
  • Now Restart your computer and your problem should be fixed.

Also, ensure that you have the latest version of the software installed. Avast has worked extensively to remove this problem in the latest versions of the software.

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In summary, these are all the methods by which you can resolve the “Avast UI Failed to Load” error. You can change Windows system configuration, Contact Avast technical support, or else Reinstall or Repair the Avast Antivirus software.

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