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Hey, I hope you are well. Have you ever use tiktok? I know your answer will be yes because nowadays TikTok is more famous than other social video sharing app. But most of the people get bored by using tiktok so they want some other video posting apps like tikTok.

There are so many other Social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat but these are some specific apps that are famous for posting short video clips. Through these apps you can show your talent such as Dancing, Acting, lips-Syncing, Singing, and Modeling, etc to all over the world.

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is the Chinese app that was launch in 2017 in the international market. It has been downloaded by1.5 billion people. Now tiktok has 800 Million active users around the world. Tiktok allows their users to record video from Back camera and selfie camera as well.

Are you good looking? If not then don’t worry there are so many features to make your video amazing. E.g. Slow motion, filters, face changing, color-changing effects, etc. these Video editing features make this app more easy and amazing.

Difference between tiktok and YouTube

 On YouTube we can post any kind of video because there is no length limit on youtube. You can record 1 hour’s vlogs, dramas, movies, etc but on tiktok you can just record short clips of 30 to 40 sec. 

Other apps like tiktok

                                                                  Do you know why tiktok is trending? Because of these amazing features people are attracting toward it. The app is designed for people to post amazing videos, comment, and share with their friends to get popular.

 Remember for getting famous you need to use multiple apps like tiktok. Let us discuss about other video sharing apps.

LIKEE (previous name Like)

 Likee is a fast-growing short video sharing app like tiktok. Having 200 million users all over the world. It was released in 2017. Likee is also the most popular app because of its amazing features. It has 300 plus filters for video editing and also offers a lot of magical effects with a collection of any kind of songs, Movies and dramas dialogues as well as funny characters. You can record your video with your voice.

You can make videos with your close friends and it allows you to duet with the famous people. You can also directly share your videos with your tiktok, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp friends.


  Dubsmash was the first lip-syncing video app and still famous for lip-syncing on popular dialogues or songs. You can record your voice as well. It was designed by Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke, and Daniel Taschik in 2014. You can record dubs and also you can share it with friends and others. It allows you to make videos according to trends.

Before some years you could just record a video on specific dialogues or songs but now after many updates you can add any kind of music or dialogue. There are a lot of emoji and effects available to make you dubs cooler. 


           Kwai was launched in 2011. The short video sharing app allows users to make money by sharing video clips having 700 million users and 120 million daily active users. 

By winning a lot of fans you can make money. You can make videos on top-class songs and dialogue. You can edit your videos with 3d animations, amazing fonts and best filters to look extraordinary.

You can watch dancing, singing, funny, dubbing, or any kind of videos in trending. You can also share these videos with your friends to get popular to make money and can also share stories.

VIGO Videos

                                       This app is designed for people to show their talent to the world and earn money by just creating short funny, dancing, singing videos. By making short clips you can win many prizes and can earn money.

You can use an editor for making your short video look amazing by applying the 4d effect. It has tools such as cutting, trimming, cropping, fast motion, slow motion, etc.

How to earn money on VIGO? As always you will need followers. So to get followers you can do live streaming. So many people will connect with you. Through these people you will get more reach and then you will win frames. 

These frames will convert into cash.


                    As we are discussing there are many more apps and Funimate is one of them. This app is also designed to make short video clips, slow motion, and lip-syncing with a lot of cool video effects. 

You can edit your videos before posting to make it good by applying a lot of filters. And the most important thing you can show your inner talent by completing daily challenges so it will increase your fan following. Like other apps it allows you to share your videos on WhatsApp etc.

These apps are designed for android and iOS users. You can use it to get famous or to watch other videos for entertainment. Every application has its features which makes them different from each other. You should try all apps like tiktok.

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